TikTokers Say This $7 Brush Is the Key to “Flawless” Under-Eye Concealer

We put the viral Kitten Paw brush to the test.

Real Techniques kitten paw brush

Real Techniques

It's fully possible the only thing standing between you and flawless concealer coverage is a good cosmetic brush. Take it from the pros: Creators and makeup artists alike have once again turned to TikTok to reveal one of the industry's best makeup application techniques—and we cannot believe how simple it is.

While many of us prefer to apply our five-minute face with our fingers, most makeup professionals (and TikTokers) insist on using top-quality beauty tools, even for a quick application. Their favorite? The 242 Brightening Concealer Brush ($7) from Real Techniques is the latest TikTok must-have that aims to bring the simplicity of finger application and the pro-level finish to your routine with its ease of use.

Kitten Paw Brush
Real Techniques 242 Brightening Concealer Brush $7.00

Ahead, learn more about the “kitten paw” brush that beauty connoisseurs are swearing by and find out if it works. 

The Trend

The Real Techniques 242 Brightening Concealer Brush has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a video review by Yanna Machorro (@radgalyanna). "This brush is so perfect for blending out under-eye concealer," the self-proclaimed "Brush Guru" stated in the now-viral video.

Beauty Content Creator Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira)—the influencer who coined the name "the kitten paw brush"—also gave the tool a try for herself. And it's safe to say she's a fan. “I am obsessed with this brush," she responded to a video. Nogueira's known for her no-nonsense approach to viral products, and she tries quite a few on her beloved TikTok account, so her approval went a long way in becoming the app's latest "TikTok made me buy it" sensation.

In Nogueira’s review, she went on to explain that using a tapping motion while applying the concealer was the best technique for achieving a flawless makeup look. “All you have to do is tap with this brush, you don’t have to rub in any way, shape, or form,” Nogueira explained.

Makeup artist Sydney Purl (@SydneyPurl) further piqued interest in the brush after testing the coverage of concealer applied using a brush/sponge vs. the kitten paw brush. She quickly discovered that the kitten paw brush provided better coverage, whereas the brush and sponge combo gave an airbrushed effect.

My Review 

Emerald Elitou Concealer Brush

Emerald Elitou

I normally forgo concealer in my five-minute face routine because it tends to look spotty and requires additional steps to smooth out the look (basically turning my five-minute face into a 15-minute face).

However, the 242 Concealer Brush made me rethink my stance because it gave me smooth, high-definition results in less time than expected. The brush's dense, staggered bristles and flared design help to blend liquid concealer quickly and easily. Simply put, I've found my new favorite concealer brush for those times I do decide to cover up with concealer.

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