I Tried the TikTok "Fox Eye" Concealer Trick, and I Can't Believe How Well It Worked

Six years ago, a music video had us all wondering: What does the fox say? After a long wait and lots of speculation, I’ve finally figured it out. “Bitches stole my look”, is what the fox says. That’s right, the exponential growth of fox eye tutorials is more rapid than sea plankton; one day you’re swimming, the next, it’s red tide. Everywhere I turn, I see another fox eye video. Interestingly enough, YouTube is not the point of origin; TikTok is.

From what I can tell, TikTok is 70% dance moves, 20% one-person comedy skits, and 10% useful tips. After weeding through thousands of people dancing to Carol Baskin remixes, I found a ground-breaking concealer tip to achieve a foxier eye. And with the uptick in “no mask, no service” signs around the country, an emphasis on eye makeup seems appropriate right now. 

A little backstory: I’ve done a lot of research on canthoplasty operations, or “fox eye lifts." It’s a hot, new, weird procedure where an oculoplastic surgeon alters the lateral canthus (the muscle in the corner of your eye where your eyelids meet) to give the eye a different and more lifted shape. Typically, this is done for patients with droppings eyes or ptosis, but now, It-girls everywhere are asking for it. Not to be confused with an eyebrow lift, a canthoplasty actually changes the shape of your eye, whereas a traditional brow lift just elevates and tightens the brows and tails. 

There’s been a lot of speculation around which young starlets have done the permanent-ponytail-looking procedure. No one has ever publicly confirmed an eye surgery, but if you see someone with a completely different eye shape than they had before, put all of your chips in for the big bet. 

The Method

Korean TikTok-ker Daniel Ly (@ogabg) is the origin of this concealer hack, which has already been viewed over 4.3 million times. As a makeup junkie and someone with a child’s view of object permanence, seeing new makeup tips like this never fails to blow my mind. 

In the video, Daniel does a split face comparison between a V-shaped undereye concealer, or “traditional Instagram makeup” as he calls it, and his new eye lifting technique. For his technique, Daniel demurely applies a lighter concealer in five areas:

  • Under the outer corner of his eye up up through the temple
  • In the inner corner of the eye
  • Down the side of the nose
  • Around the corner of the nose
  • Under the lower lip line
  • He then sets the whole face with translucent powder, and bakes the under eye concealer with a lighter powder for extra drama

Bada bing, bada fox eye. 

About My Skin

I have thin, dry skin under my eyes so I’m typically focused on hydrating and concealing purple, blue, and reddish hues thanks to veins and lack of sleep. I have a ptosis on my right eye due to childhood nerve damage, which just means that one of my eyes looks smaller and lower than the other. I correct this with eyebrow shaping and concealer tricks like this one. 

The Experience

First, I concealed the many shades of “ish” under my eyes with my HG: Cle De Peau Radiant Corrector Concealer in Mocha. Then I reached for a lighter shade to achieve the lifted look. I used a combo of the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Fit Concealer in shade 3 and Cle De Peau Radiant Corrector Concealer in Ocher. I dusted a little bit of Koh Gen Do Natural Lighting Powder around my face, and opted out of a second lighter baking powder because I can start to look like spanakopita really quickly with too much dust. 

The Before + After

fox eye concealer
Tanya Akim

The Results

I looked like I had subtle eye surgery, but without all of the bandages, bruised skin, and deafening loneliness. And while canthoplasty was definitely an idea I was noodling around with (and fantasizing about during quarantine), I’m going to stick to this makeup alternative. This hack was just what I needed to give my eyes and my mood a little lift.

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