TikTok Found a New Way to Get Faux Freckles, and We're Obsessed

And you can do it with products you already own.

model with freckles


Those lucky enough to have skin adorned in beautiful freckles are officially ahead of the latest TikTok trend. Faux freckles are having yet another moment, and while beauty brands have gone viral for their freckle pen offerings, one crafty TikTok makeup artist shared an ingenious DIY freckle method using products you definitely already have.

A TikTok user and makeup artist that goes by the handle @frenchtouchofmakeup has racked up more than 160,000 views on her faux freckle tutorial. The video’s viral success can likely be attributed to how easy this method is to follow, as the MUA uses multiple, common makeup products. 

The technique

The clip begins with the makeup artist dotting three of her fingers with brown spots. Using a brown liquid eyeliner, the makeup artist liberally applied liner to her fingers. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern or any consistent method of application, which would be true of how actual freckles appear. 

Once the liner was applied, she sprayed her fingers with Rare Beauty’s Long-Lasting Setting Spray ($24). While she used setting spray in the video, she confirmed in the comments that any liquid, including water, would work. After two sprays of the liquid, she pressed her dotted fingers to her face, dotting her nose and cheeks with the makeup. 

In a second video, she further demonstrated the application method. For the clip, she showed how you can seamlessly blend the faux freckles into your skin by running your finger back over the same spots.

TikTok users were especially enamored with the method. “This is genius,” wrote one follower. “I have to try this,” wrote another. Like so many of those in the comments, I was also intrigued by the idea and decided to give it a try.

My review

TikTok freckles hack before and after

Lauren Rearick

Instead of liquid eyeliner, I used a brown gel liner. Channeling my inner artist, I dabbed the liner along three of my fingers. Gel liner was a bit harder to get a more defined dot, but I was able to quickly create spots. 

I initially tried two squirts of the Rare Beauty setting spray, but I found the freckles weren’t picking up on my skin. I wasn’t sure whether I needed more liquid or darker spots, but I decided to try both and see what would happen. On the second try, I got faux freckles, and they looked kind of fun. 

The method is definitely super easy to follow, and it’s especially noteworthy considering you can use products that you likely already have. I also appreciate that you can’t really mess this one up. There’s no rhyme or reason to the way your real freckles appear, and by dotting your fingers and creating a string of spots, you’re creating a pretty realistic recreation. 

Unfortunately, my faux freckles did fade with time, but this is one TikTok hack that I would definitely try again. Maybe it’s just TikTok encouraging my artistic side, but, as someone who appreciates all things color, I think it could be kind of fun to create a similar look but with brightly-colored eyeshadow.

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