I Feel So Seen By TikTok's "Everything Shower" Trend

I'm not the only one.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with a towel on her head

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Saturday’s are my cleaning days. I always start the day by putting away the dishes, stripping my bed, and getting ready to deep-clean my entire apartment. At the end of the day, I feel sweaty and gross, a pretty stark contrast to what I’ve just done to my house. It's why I've been ending my cleaning days with an "everything shower" for years.

It's one of my most cherished rituals, so it's no surprise that my TikTok For You Page has suddenly been flooded with users sharing their everything shower routines, and #everythingshower has over 25 million views and counting.

What Is an Everything Shower?

Let me backtrack for a moment: What in the world is an "everything shower?" People on #BeautyTok are sharing their weekly shower routines, which includes a lengthy list of steps to deep clean their hair and body, as well as any after shower moisturizing. The process usually includes a pre-shower, shower, and post-shower phase, and it's a shower that's usually reserved for at-home spa days, (or for some, before a night out or as pre-date ritual). It goes beyond your usual weekday routine of simply washing your hair and body, and can includes everything from scalp detoxes to full body scrub sessions, along with a full body shave. Basically, it's a once-a-week shower meant to get you squeaky clean and refreshed.

Why are People Taking Everything Showers?

WIth the wellness industry becoming more and more mainstream, people have been doubling down on the things that make them feel good, and the everything shower is simply an extension of that. Most of the conversation surrounding the everything shower includes people praising it for helping them slip into their cozy nighttime self-care routines, or simply makes them feel pampered. Plus, with 10-step skincare routines being normalized for years and a recently booming body care industry, it was only a matter of time for people to take the same "self-care" skincare approach to their entire bodies.

How to Take an Everything Shower

Want to treat yourself to an everything shower but not sure where to start? Here's my weekly routine for a fresh start.

Pre-shower: First, I dry brush my entire body with the Bushbalm Nordic Dry Brush ($21) to boost circulation. Then, I like to set the scene with things that soothe me for a spa-like evening—I make sure to drink a serving of Moon Juice's Magnesi-Om ($42) to calm my senses, light a candle (my current faves are P.F. Candle Co.'s Wild Herb Tonic Candle, $24 for a light and airy moment or the Sidia Braless Candle,$58 for a creamy yet woodsy moment), throw in a shower steamer or two (I like the Esker Aromatic Shower Steamer Set, $65 and the Parrotfish Pomelo Posy Shower Steamers $30) and turn on some spa music. I use the Jolie Filtered Showerhead ($165) to ensure that the water that I'm cleaning myself with is gentle on my skin and hair.

Shower: My take on the everything shower includes a full-body deep cleanse, starting my roots. Lately, I've been reaching for the Sachajuan Scalp Scrub ($55) to get rid of any grime or product buildup, and then follow that with my usual Arey Wash Shampoo ($48), working the product in with a scalp scrubber ($9). After that, I apply Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask ($44) to both moisturize my dry hair and restore it with a bond-building complex. After combing out any knots while the mask is still in my hair, I secure my hair with a claw clip and let the mask soak in as I move to the rest of my routine.

The jury is still out on whether TikToker's prefer the body wash-exfoliate-shave sequence or the exfoliate-shave-body wash sequence. I personally go for the latter since exfoliating before shaving gives me a closer shave, plus I get the chance to wash off any excess shaving cream or dead skin cells post-shaving. I start by rubbing the Isla Snow Scrub Exfoliator ($54) all over my body and then use the Flamingo Razor ($8) and Hanni Shave Pillow ($16) to shave my underarms and legs. After that, I use a foot file ($10) because why not get rid of some calluses if I've already made it this far into my borderline Patrick Bateman-esque shower routine? Finally, I rinse my conditioner out of my hair and then wash my body using the Nécessaire Body Wash in Sandalwood ($25).

And last but not least, my face. I like to remove my makeup before my shower, so once I'm in there, I use the Osea Ocean Cleansing Mudd ($48) and follow that with the Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant Exfoliator ($64). After a quick cold shock to cool down my skin and increase circulation, my everything shower is complete.

Post-shower: There's a joke on TikTok that the everything shower leaves you feeling exhausted and weak in the limbs, and it's absolutely true. I typically slip into my robe after my thorough cleanse, eat an Alice Nightcap Mushroom Chocolate ($29) (it's non-psychoactive and helps lull me to sleep), and let my body literally cool off for about five minutes. After that, I do my skincare routine (not listing that out because this story will be way too long—but it includes hydrating masks, snail essence, slugging, and more) and then apply the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil ($52) to lock moisture into my body.

To finish, I hop into my PJs to prepare for what always feels like the best night's rest of my life.

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