This $10 Scalp Massager Is the Most Soothing Part of My Quarantine Hair Routine

Cue: Instant Relaxation

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Quarantine me is very different from pre-quarantine me. I live in New York City, so pre-quarantine, I thrived on the fast-paced, frenetic energy of the city. I hopped from work to events to drinks almost every night of the week, and my Sagittarius rising thrived on the thrill of adventure and not knowing where the night would take me. These days, however, I’m learning to take a breath—a really long, deep breath—and appreciate the soothing aspect of taking things slow. When everything in the world feels uncertain, I’m finding comfort in developing rituals at home that make me feel good and ease my mind. One of my new favorite rituals involves creating a scalp-care routine for myself using Rooted Rituals, a collection of hair products that target the scalp (which is basically the key to healthier, shinier hair). My pre-quarantine hair routine was rushed and lazy—I washed my hair as little as possible to avoid stressing out my bleached, double-processed blonde, slathered it with oils and creams to add hydration, doused my scalp in dry shampoo to extend the time between shampoos, then started the process all over again. Now that I’m at home most of the time, I’ve gained an appreciation for a longer, more thoughtful hair ritual that focuses on the scalp and simultaneously soothes my mind. Below, find my newly-discovered quarantine scalp-care routine:

Step 1: Root Rinse

I used to be laissez-faire about my hair routine--the less products, the better. These days, I’m realizing that a few additional products in your routine can make a huge difference. I’m loving the Rooted Rituals Pre-Shampoo Rinse because it’s so easy to use and I notice a difference immediately with how my scalp feels. You just spritz it straight into your scalp before hopping in the shower and allow it to work its magic for a few minutes. It breaks down any hair products buildup before shampooing to give your scalp a clean slate. Plus, it smells really refreshing. 

Rooted Rituals Pre-Shampoo Root Rinse
Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Mint Pre-Shampoo Root Rinse, 5.7 fl oz $9.97

Step 2: Leave-In Conditioner

Rooted Rituals Leave-on Mask

My hair can best be described in one word: thirsty. I’ve learned that using a super-hydrating leave-in mask once a week instead of my normal conditioner makes it so much softer and more manageable. I like the Rooted Rituals Vitamin E Leave-On Mask because it’s made with nourishing vitamin E and keeps my platinum hair looking super-bright. I comb it through my hair after shampooing and leave it in when I get out of the shower—it works its hydrating magic as my hair slowly air-dries throughout the day. 

Rooted Rituals Leave-on Mask
Rooted Rituals Multi-Task Ginger Root Leave-On Mask, 7.6 fl oz $9.97

Step 3: Scalp Serum + Scalp Massager

Faith using Cooling & Strengthening Tonic

This is my favorite part of my new at-home scalp routine. Rooted Rituals makes this amazing Cooling and Strengthening Tonic that feels minty and tingly when you apply and actually helps repair your scalp’s moisture barrier over time. And in case you didn’t know: a happier, healthier scalp means happier, healthier hair. But the kicker is the $10 Rooted Rituals Scalp Massager you use to massage the product in. I use it after I get out of the shower on wet hair and it’s so incredibly soothing. I even sometimes use it on my scalp in the middle of the day when I’m feeling super stressed--it’s the closest thing you’ll get to that feeling when you’re at the hair salon and the stylist is massaging your scalp at the shampoo bowl (in other words: heaven). It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and helps boost circulation to your scalp when you use it. Just make sure to be gentle so you don’t get any tangles. 

Rooted Rituals Cooling & Strengthening Tonic
Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Vitamin E Cooling Scalp Tonic, 1.3 fl oz $9.97
Rooted Rituals Scalp Massager
Rooted Rituals Root Rejuvenating Scalp Massager $9.97

As quarantine me gets settled into her new ways, I’m learning to be kinder to myself and appreciate taking things slow. And if my hair ends up being longer, shinier, and healthier because of it? Well, no complaints.

Faith using Rooted Rituals Scalp Massager