This High-Performance Serum Transformed My Skin—and My Whole Routine

With an unpredictable schedule, my skincare routine was put on the back burner until I discovered this hydrating essential.

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Irinel Estee Lauder

My name is Irinel de Leon, and I’m a celebrity hairstylist living in Los Angeles, California. My schedule is constantly changing, depending on events and what my clients need, so I like to focus on what I can control: my morning and evening routines. I take this time to practice intention-setting, organize my schedule, and relax. For a long time, I juggled different skincare products and put my skincare on the back burner (especially when I had long, exhausting workdays), which—unsurprisingly—led to unevenness, painful breakouts, and irritation.

I hit my threshold, so during the past year and a half of quarantine, I took the time to embrace my skin and give it the love it deserves by investing in high performance formulas that are chock-full of high-quality ingredients. My first step? Picking up a go-to serum: The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. This skin savior hydrates, refreshes, and helps to repair your skin—and over the past few weeks, I’ve become a believer.

When I start my mornings, I drink a tall glass of water (hydration is key!), meditate for 15 to 20 minutes, and spend five minutes writing in my gratitude journal. This flow helps me feel so grounded and ready to start my day that these steps have become nonnegotiables. Then it’s time to start my skincare routine. I start with a deep cleanse to prep my face, and then I add a full dropper of The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, taking my time to massage gently all over my face. Immediately I notice my skin is radiant and plumped with hydration —as if I spent all day at a spa.

Because it makes me feel so confident in my makeup-free face, I’m able to keep my look super minimal. I usually only use a dab of concealer and a swipe of mascara before brushing up my brows. By simplifying my morning routine, this serum has made my life (and my unpredictable work schedule) so much easier.

Irinel applying product

Living in L.A., the dry air (plus wearing a mask all day) wreaks havoc on my skin, so using a product that helps to combat environmental aggressors—think pollution, ozone, blue light —is a must. Once I finally get home after seeing clients, providing consults, and researching the latest hair trends (you can check out my work for New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala on my Instagram), I wind down by taking a long, hot shower.

I’ve created some serious spa vibes in my bathroom, so starting my nighttime routine is definitely one of the highlights of my day. The steam opens up my pores, so I apply the luxurious serum right after I towel off, giving myself a little face massage with my knuckles so I can really lean into the relaxation. From there, I add my favorite moisturizer, take a few deep breaths, and settle in for the night. My nighttime routine has been forever changed by this powerhouse serum, and taking the time to give my skin a little extra TLC has been more than worth it for my well-being and my skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is ready to take on whatever my day has in store for me—and believe me, that feeling is one I want to hold onto.

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