This Celeb-Favorite Brand Will Transform Your Skin

The Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum Is a Game-Changer.

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The year is 1999. The Sixth Sense is dominating the box office, we’re all singing about how we don’t want No Scrubs, and every fashionista is in need of Old Navy’s cargo pants. And the skincare industry is… pretty static. While of course there were brands offering effective products, brands offering luxurious products, and brands offering clean products, few–if any–were doing all three. 

Which was exactly what inspired the nurse and the aesthetician behind COSMEDIX to get into the game. “Long story short: They felt that there was a white space in the market for something that felt luxurious but was clean and medical-grade,” says Christine Jackson, Global Vice President of COSMEDIX.

Fast forward more than 20 years and even though the market is a bit more crowded, COSMEDIX still stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to delivering skincare products with elegant formulations, powerful ingredients, and planet-friendly formulations. “We want to make it easy for everyone to access professional skincare that is luxurious but also really works,” says Jackson. 


They do this by keeping their eyes on the prize: Creating solutions that produce results. “We try to not overcomplicate the line by keeping it very streamlined,” Christine Jackson says. “It doesn't matter if you are actively trying to treat a skin concern, or simply looking to prevent and maintain, we have something for you.” The brand specializes in creating potent and innovative formulations using ingredients that your skin is already familiar with, like lactic acid. “This means that our formulas work with your skin, not against it. This allows us to deliver very safe but efficacious formulas without any irritation.”

And the products aren’t just good for your skin—they’re also good for the planet. “To put it simply, we were clean before it was cool,” says  Christine Jackson.  “All of our skincare products exclude parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, glycolic acid, formaldehyde donors, and artificial dyes and fragrances. We're also 100 percent cruelty-free—no exceptions, ever.”


Along with the environmental commitments, COSMEDIX is also passionate about the community from which it emerged. “We also really want to shine a light on our spa community and aestheticians,”  Christine Jackson says, “We founded National Aesthetician Day six years ago, which we celebrate on October 15th every year. On this day we highlight aestheticians around the globe for not only their expertise in skincare but also for the mental health and the friendship they provide their clients. We really believe in this community.”

Keep reading to learn more about my five must-have COSMEDIX products.

Opti Crystal Eye Serum

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: This holographic eye serum might be the single most stunning skincare product I’ve ever seen. Unlike many shelfie-ready serums, however, this one definitely doesn’t sacrifice substance over style. The ingredients include 97.7 percent liquid crystal technology; spin trap, which helps ward off the free radicals and environmental stressors that speed up photoaging; and alpha lipoic acid, which helps fight wrinkles.

COSMEDIX - Eden Before & After

After gently patting a tiny drop of the serum under my eyes (and I do mean tiny–a little bit goes a long way), I find this product leaves my under-eyes noticeably more hydrated and plumper within 10 minutes. My fine lines are all but banished, and my dark circles are significantly less noticeable. As someone who would consider her under eyes her top beauty concern, this is major. And to top it all off, it layers beautifully under concealer or foundation. If you, like me, have traditionally been a bit leery of eye products, trust me–this one is here to change your mind.

COSMEDIX Opti Crystal Eye Serum

Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser

I can now say I have exactly two things in common with Hailey Bieber: We’re both 5’7,” and we both love the Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser. Cleansers have arguably the toughest job in the beauty world: They need to remove the weight of the day–think sunscreen, makeup, and whatever pollution you might have encountered–while not stripping your skin of its natural oils. And while in my experience most tend to lean too hard into one end or the other (leaving your skin feeling either tight or greasy), this one strikes that perfect balance. 

With the help of a five percent L-lactic acid blend to gently exfoliate, tea tree oil to balance, and peppermint essential oil to refresh and cool (and also smell amazing), I find Purity Clean to be gentle enough to use both morning and night–something I seldom do with face washes. To use, I squeeze a dime-sized amount into my hand before lathering it up on my already damp skin, then I rinse it off. 

This cleanser manages to leave my face squeaky clean and radiant at the same time–and I didn’t even think it was even possible for a face wash to impart radiance. Though now that I do know, trust me: your girl is going to stay glowing.

COSMEDIX Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser $42.00

Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil

Speaking of sunscreen, makeup, and the pollution of the day–even the best cleansers need some reinforcements when it comes to cleaning up. (Doubly so when you wear as much makeup as I do.) That’s where the Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil comes in. This one features a blend of some all-star oils: specifically, soothing olive and argan oils (which also help improve texture) and nourishing moringa oil. Melia azadirachta neem extract rounds out the key ingredients, purifying and helping to reduce signs of irritation.

I generally use this one at night right before the Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser; it does a great job of removing even the most stubborn mascaras and eyeliners. However, I also find myself using this one in the afternoon from time to time, specifically on days where I’m makeup-free in the morning but want to clean up a bit before applying makeup to go out. In those situations, it’s a great tool for both freshening your canvas and giving yourself a tiny bit of luminosity. (And seriously, when has luminosity ever been a bad thing?)

COSMEDIX Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil $38.00

Bakuchiol Complete

I’m not one to keep a beauty secret (a big reason why I’m in this line of work), which is why I am constantly extolling the virtues of bakuchiol. The natural retinol alternative can help fight wrinkles, boost firmness, and reduce the appearance of pores–all without the pesky side effects of retinol. 

The Bakuchiol Complete gives all these benefits even more of a boost by incorporating skin-softening squalane, wrinkle-reducing moringa oil, and hydrating jojoba seed into the ingredients mix. Though you can use this one night and day, I’ve just been using it at night–right before I moisturize–and I’ve been super pleased with the results thus far. I’m constantly at war with hyperpigmentation, and I’ve found that consistent use of this product and the BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil (more on that one in a sec) has really helped to even my skin’s tone and texture. It also just feels like a giant glass of water for your face which, for me personally, is about the most luxurious feeling in the world before I hit the hay.

COSMEDIX Bakuchiol Complete

BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil

I’ll be totally honest with you–it’s hard to get me to try a new vitamin C. It’s the category I probably have the most experience with (if you’ve ever had post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, you can relate), so I definitely have my favorites. So I’m very glad I gave this one a shot– because it has definitely earned a coveted spot on my (very short) list.

A little heavier than the vitamin Cs I’m used to and very silky and elegant in its formulation, the BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil mixes a vitamin C derivative with hops extract–specifically included to target dark spots and help protect the skin against environmental stressors–and sclareolide, a plant-based ingredient that brightens. I use BrillanCy in the morning right after washing my face and before applying sunscreen, and since I’ve incorporated it into my routine I’ve seen an improvement in my dark spots and generally uneven skin tone. Another great thing about using this one in the morning: It gives a major glow, so layered under even the most matte foundations, you’ll still look positively radiant.

COSMEDIX Brilliancy

These five all-star products are just a few of my favorite COSMEDIX offerings. I also recommend the Serum 16 Rapid Renewal Serum, a must-have for anyone looking to treat wrinkles; the nourishing and beautiful Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator; and, for those with acne-prone skin, the Clarity Serum. To learn more about these products and the whole COSMEDIX line, visit