Seriously: Having Rough, Callused Feet Was Cool Where I Grew Up

I am sitting on my futon, picking at my feet with fascination as my husband looks on, horrified. “Look how much skin is coming off!” I exclaim, sticking the flats of my feet in his face.

“It’s pretty gross,” he says.

Currently, I am ankle-deep in Baby Foot, the Japanese product that claims to remove dead skin from your feet and leave them infant-soft, as the name implies. Many websites and beauty bloggers have sung its praises, but I was always dissuaded by the hefty price tag—around $30 for one set. Plus, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to get rid of my significant calluses. Where I grew up, leathery feet were not seen as a sign of neglect or lack of hygiene; instead, they were seen as strong and badass.