Here's What to Do After Sex to Make Sure Your Reproductive Health Is 10/10



Sex certainly isn't a one-dimensional act. It's a play of sorts: the overture, the opening number, the intermission, the climax, perhaps an encore, and the final curtain call. We know that practicing safe sex is important, but what you may not know is that healthy sex doesn't stop when we take our final bows. It extends long after.

Whether you're with a new partner or a longtime S.O., your post-coital inclination may be to either slip your clothes back on or fall asleep, but according to gynecologists, what you do during this time period is crucial for your reproductive health. To give you some guidance, we've outlined the most important things to do after sex.

If you're experiencing any pain or difficulty during sex or have questions about your sexual health, please speak with a doctor.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.