6 Things That Are Unexpectedly Ruining Your Manicure

Updated 09/23/16

Either you pay good money for them or you spend a considerable amount of your precious time on your manicures. Either way, you expect the payoff to be there. So you’re careful about coats and always allow for ample drying time. However, the real damage usually comes in the days following your manicure—long after the polish has dried, and usually when you’re doing the most ordinary tasks, like getting dressed.

Scroll through for the six everyday tasks that are unexpectedly ruining your manicure!

Taking Hot Baths

Hot water and nail polish don’t mix. Turn down the water temperature and switch to showers as soaking your nails allows water to seep into the nail plate, which causes the polish to lift up and even peel off altogether. The same is true for swimming.

Using Household Cleaners

The combination of detergents, harsh chemicals (many household cleaners even contain nail polish–removing acetone), and hot water can take down any manicure. The picking and scrubbing don’t help either. Next time, put on a pair of gloves before you do the dishes or clean the bathroom.

Running Your Fingers Through Your Hair


The tips of your nails take a beating every day. Typing away at a keyboard all day can wear down the edges of your polish, especially if you have long nails. Even if yours are shorter, ordinary tasks, like digging around in your purse for your keys and zipping and unzipping clothing and bags (yes, zippers are the enemy), can scrape your manicure. In general, just don’t use your nails as tools.

Spraying Perfume or Hair Spray
Applying Sunscreen

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