Fit GIF: Want Slim, Cellulite-Free Thighs? Here's How in Just 3 Moves

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the foam roller, or more specifically, health- and wellness-minded people’s obsession with the foam roller. Still not ringing a bell? Allow us to introduce you to structural integrative specialist and Goop’s resident alignment guru, Lauren Roxburgh. She’s the author of the best-selling book Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique ($14). We’ll let the expert take it from here.

Summer is upon us, but it’s not too late to get those gams in summer shape so you feel confident and sexy rocking that new bikini. My secret weapon for whipping the pins into shape is the foam roller.

In this simple sequence, we’ll use the roller to narrow and slim down your thighs, elongating your legs for that long and lean, sculpted look. We’ll smooth out, regenerate, and reduce the heaviness, bulkiness, and tension in the thighs (this might sound familiar to you high-impact cardio devotees out there). This sequence will help you create balanced and uniform 3D development of the leg muscles, hitting the front, back, and inner thighs. And because the roller helps flush out toxins and hydrate your connective tissue (or fascia), it will also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Are you excited? Because you should be! 

A lot of people ask me what sort of roller to use. Personally, I find a medium-density roller is far more comfortable for these moves than the very firm rollers that can often be found stacked in the corner of your gym.  I found it hard to find the perfect density, so I ended up creating my own signature roller ($50), but ultimately you can use whatever roller is comfortable for you.

Scroll through for my thigh-slimming, cellulite-reducing workout!