These Purple HASK Hair Products Keep Me Looking Like the Swedish Blonde I Long to Be

Low maintenance purple products for a high maintenance hair color.

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Carly Cardellino

I’ve been a blonde now for almost nine years (March is my hairiversary!) and it’s safe to say that I’ve tried nearly everything offered up for a platinum blonde to stay, well, looking super blonde — in an I-was-born-with-this-hair-color kind of way. Because, when you go for a crisp, wheaty color, like my colorist (Ariel Munoz at IGK salon) and I do, the last thing you want is yellowing or brassiness to keep you from looking like you’re not a natural blonde. Rude. And while there are many products that can help combat brassiness in blondes, a very large percent of them have one thing in common: their formulations are mostly purple.

Why, you ask? Purple helps neutralize the warmer, unwanted tones that show up after the blonde toner from the salon starts wearing off, and after your very porous blonde hair starts absorbing minerals from hard water, pollution particles from the air, and the build-up from other products you apply to it — the list of aggressors could go on. This is why it’s important to have an arsenal of tools in your shower and bathroom cabinets to keep your hair the right tone and healthy (because, as you may or may not know, if your hair isn’t healthy, you absolutely cannot have this hair color). That said, not all purple pigmented products are created equal. Allow me to explain:

Some formulas are super faint lavender in color, while others are the most vibrant purple you’ve ever seen — the lighter-pigmented pale purple hues help keep minimal yellow tones away, but the deeper shades of purple, I’ve found, really go in and neutralize brassiness (your colorist is the best person to ask to help figure out exactly what you need). From there, you’d then take your pick from the blonde buffet of products available to you to brighten up your blonde and cancel out any yellow tones. Insert HASK’s new brightening blonde line: Blonde Care.

HASK Blonde Care Group

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to try the new HASK Blonde Care line — packed with strengthening rice protein and vitamin c, and hydrating coconut oil — which consists of a purple shampoo, purple conditioner, a leave-in spray (a light lavender milky texture, if you will), and a deep conditioning mask (also purple). And, while the brand sent the entire line to me to try, I didn’t use all of the products in one showering — I love to have all of the tools I need in my shower to keep my blonde hair bright, but I also love using a blend of products — it’s like styling a good outfit, I don’t buy everything at one store, though I might have a lot of pieces from one place…I like mixing and matching it up to get my desired look. That said, I was particularly psyched about the tone of HASK’s purple conditioner, TBH, because it’s the perfect shade of muted dark purple and purple conditioners are typically my go-to. For a full view into my hair care regimen, allow me to really paint you a detailed picture of what goes down in terms of caring for my hair, so you have a little background:

I typically wash my hair once a week (unless my workouts are intense), but two weeks after I get my hair colored, I cleanse my hair with purple shampoo to hit refresh on the tone and nix any brassiness. For me, my hair really grabs color, so I make sure it’s fully saturated with water first, and then I lather the shampoo in my palms well before gently scrubbing my scalp and hair clean. I also avoid shampooing my ends (which get washed when I rinse the soap out), and then I’ll either follow with no conditioner and use this one leave-in mask I’m obsessed with, or I’ll use a regular non-pigmented conditioner (so I don’t use purple shampoo and purple conditioner in the same washing). If you’re asking yourself why I lean into purple conditioner more so than purple shampoo, it’s because if you OVER use it (as in for every single shampooing), the tone of your hair can pull a slightly different tone and most formulas can dry your hair out. Luckily, the good folks at HASK know this and made sure their shampoo wasn’t drying (it contains hydrating and moisturizing glycerin and coconut oil, and restorative elderberry oil) — plus, it’s sulfate-free, so it's a more gentle formula overall. Definitely add it into your hair tool box, but be mindful of how to use it properly. So, that said, because my hair is continuously damaged every six weeks when I bleach it, for me, it's beneficial to use a purple shampoo once a month and rely on the purple conditioner for my maintenance.

HASK Purple Toning Shampoo
HASK Blonde Care Purple Toning Shampoo $6.29

If I’m not using purple shampoo to cleanse my hair, I’ll opt for a hydrating or clarifying shampoo and then a purple conditioner to maintain my crisp blonde color and prevent brassiness. From there, I use a gentle microfiber towel to gently dry it, and then let it air-dry from there. Oh, and every single night I wrap a silk scarf around my hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase to further protect my hair, I always let my hair air-dry, and I very rarely use hot tools on it to keep it healthy and intact. — I’m just the right amount of overprotective, which has allowed me to have my long, blonde hair for this long.

HASK Purple Toning Conditioner
HASK Blonde Care Purple Toning Conditioner $6.29

Speaking of being protective, HASK also offers up a Blonde Care leave-in spray (that has a gorgeous lavender hint of pigment to it) — it’s milky in texture and helps to hydrate and strengthen the hair (it’s also a heat protectant, if you use hot tools a bunch), so I also tried that and really liked it post shower (personally, though, the damage done to my hair after a double process calls for something a little heavier, but this would be perfect for someone with highlights).

A couple of days after using some of the HASK products, I found myself with 10 extra minutes to myself, which rarely happens, so I jumped in the shower, shampooed my hair with a clear clarifying shampoo (again, because you have to walk a fine line with the amount of purple pigments you’re using). Then, I applied HASK’s deep conditioning mask (it’s also purple) for five minutes, whilst sitting on the marble bench in my kid-free shower. I proceeded to do a mini meditation to feel like myself. Finally, I rinsed it out and not only did my hair feel healthy and smooth, it also looked super bright when it dried. See for yourself!

Carly Before and After

The Bottom Line:

While there isn’t one perfect formula that will work for every single person’s blonde hair —I think it’s important to play around with a lot of formulas and figure out what purple pigment products suit your hair best — I can definitely stand behind the efficacy of HASK’s new blonde line — especially my fave, the conditioner! — and the products’ overall ability to prevent color fading, nix brassiness, and keep my hair looking beautiful, bright, and healthy.