Here's Proof That Lipstick Is the Most Powerful Cosmetic


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This post was originally published in April 2016.

At a recent press event for Charlotte Tilbury's new celebrity-inspired Hot Lips line of lipsticks, the mood was vibrant, playful, and at times, even a little silly. Tilbury is full of life, and while just catching wind of the line triggered us to place a "save the date" in our calendars in anticipation of its summertime release, Tilbury's blithe explanation of each lipstick and its corresponding celebrity muse heightened our excitement tenfold.

However, the mood soon turned from lighthearted to serious when Tilbury passed the mic over to Brita Fernandez Schmidt, executive director of Women for Women International UK, an organization that aids women in countries affected by war and conflict. Fernandez Schmidt explained that during a visit to Bosnia, founder Zainab Salbi asked one of the women what it was that they wanted her to bring them on her next visit, and their reply was "lipstick." Not clothing, not vitamins—a tube of rouge. "It's the simplest thing that each woman can put on every single day, and we feel beautiful, and that's how I'm resisting the war. I want that sniper to know that he is killing a beautiful woman," the woman told Zainab. At this point in the conversation, you could hear a pin drop. 

Tilbury's partnership with Women for Women is an obvious choice, as the makeup artist shares a similar passion for boosting women's confidence levels, something she believes can be achieved through lipstick as well: "Lipstick has the power to give women confidence and hope all over the world. It's what I call the psychology of makeup: When you look good, you feel good, and when you're at your most confident, you can unlock your power on the world around you," says Tilbury. This got me thinking: How else has lipstick proven to be powerful throughout history? What about our day-to-day lives—is lipstick improving it? After some digging, I found that lipstick is indeed a cosmetic powerhouse, if not the most powerful makeup product to exist (yeah, we're going there). Keep scrolling to find out why!



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