This Spring Perfume Is Inspired by an English Rose

Shopping for a new perfume can be overwhelming. With so many options, how’s a girl to choose? Whether you base your decision on the look of the bottle or its inspiring backstory, you’ll know your signature scent when you see it (or sniff it).  And guess what? Sephora just released STELLA Eau de Toilette, and it deserves a whiff.

For starters, it’s from Stella McCartney, and the nude-and-polka-dot packaging echoes the brand’s feminine and playful aesthetic. Design aside, the fresh and dewy rose-inspired scent is really nice. “The story of STELLA fragrances unfolds around a strong feminine motif of the rose,” says McCartney. “This flower celebrates the modern woman, and STELLA Eau de Toilette is about a natural confidence that is also youthful and radiant.”

The fragrance opens with top notes of fresh mandarin and frozen lemon mixed with watery tones of freesia, for a soft and dewy touch. Violet leaves and delicate peony petals add a freshness to the scent, while ambergris base notes bring a masculine undertone. Sounds lovely, right? Starting at $48 per bottle, it’s an investment worth making. 

What’s your go-to spring perfume? Tell us in the comments below!