The Nue Co.'s New Fragrance Claims to Decrease Anxiety—Here's Why I'm a Believer

My inner chi says "thank you."

The Nue Co. Forest Lungs Fragrance

The Nue Co.

This winter, we are all searching for ways to make being at home a retreat and not a punishment. The Nue Co. could provide a little bit of that with the launch of their latest fragrance scientifically- designed to lift our spirits. Introducing Forest Lungs ($95) just last month, the holistic care brand's new fragrance features phytoncides—the chemical emitted from trees that promotes a calming sensation.

Inspired by our need for fresh air and the Japanese concept of forest bathing, the highly-anticipated scent came about after scientific evidence proved that spending time amongst trees could improve health. In case you were wondering, there actually isn't any bathing involved when it comes to "forest bathing." Instead of water, you're immersing yourself in nature which has some pretty zen effects. The benefits of air from the great outdoors include boosting the immune system, enhancing mental health, and alleviating insomnia.

"We have never been less connected to nature, yet, need it more," says The Nue Co. founder Jules Miller via press release. "In today’s new normal, our health and safety is tied to staying indoors, so we posed the question; how do we bring the outside in? That’s what led us to develop Forest Lungs."

According to the wellness brand, consumer trials proved that Forest Lungs assisted in minimizing everyday anxiety within thirty minutes of use. This significantly increased over a 30 day period. See the statistics below:

● 96% of users felt less stressed within thirty minutes of using Forest Lungs

● 92% of users felt calmer within thirty minutes of using Forest Lungs 

● 87% of users felt that their everyday stress levels were lower after using Forest Lungs for thirty days 

● 91% of users felt their anxiety levels were reduced after using Forest Lungs for thirty days  

After reading the stats, I couldn’t wait to give the perfume a trial run for myself. So, here's what I thought about the unisex cologne designed to be reminiscent of morning dew in the forest:

While I may have been skeptical that a fragrance could help me escape my cramped living space, when I tried Forest Lungs, I instantly understood why the cologne was flying off the shelves. It took only two sprays of the smoky aroma for me to feel a calmness I've only been able to achieve by way of my morning meditation. Put that feeling in the middle of the forest, and that was my exact experience—in my head.

The Nue Co. Forest Lungs
The Nue Co. Forest Lungs $95.00

Within 30 minutes of use, I admit I felt an unexplainable feeling of relaxation, which I could only attribute to the soothing scent that can most easily be described as the smell of pine resin. For those looking for a low-lift, de-stressing solution following a long day of work, this is it. You can even use it in place of your usual aromatherapy staples—diffusers, incense, and candles—to relax during morning rituals. Namaste.

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