THIS Is Our Most Important Feature, According to Science

Our obsession with eyebrows is pretty well documented, constantly vetting brow gurus, and all the money we invest in stocking Mary Kay's Brow Gel ($10) and Chanel's Crayon Sourcils ($30). Now we finally have the scientific reasoning to back up our (crazy) attention to detail and our affection for Cara Delevingne.  

According to Jean Carruthers, a clinical professor of ophthalmology, brow origins were likely that of function. “Eyebrows are really meant to deflect sweat away from your eyes,” Carruthers said, as reported by Yahoo Health.  She continued to explain that they have since become a big way we communicate expressions, gender identity, and age. 

Dr. Javid Sadr, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, tells Yahoo, “If the eyebrows aren’t there, it really messes up the way the visual system is designed to find and process faces.”

Yikes, can you even imagine having no eyebrows? That's even more extreme than adolescent adventures where we (regrettably) hacked away at them with tweezers for the first timewe've all done it.  

For the full story and a video on the evolution behind eyebrows, visit Yahoo. Need to grow back patchy or thinning eyebrows? We trust this easy three-step DIY serum.

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