Meet the Mona Cut: NYC's It Stylist for Shaping and Styling Curly Hair

Every so often you come across an Instagram page that's so visually captivating that you can't take your eyes off of it. Mona Baltazar, also known as MonaCut, of Davide Hair Studio has that effect on people. A curl magician, if you will, the way this woman cuts and shapes curls is mesmerizing.

Baltazar has created a cult following of curl enthusiasts because of her commitment to celebrating texture in all of its glory. With a sole focus on cutting, styling, and creating shapes and silhouettes for curly-haired women, Baltazar is the type of hairstylist we need more of. It's clear that her love of hair goes beyond the surface. She fosters a connection with her clients, which fuels her desire to share their stories and educate others on the beauty of textured hair.

In a society where women are marginalized at work for "unkempt" natural hairstyles and young women are getting suspended from school for wearing their natural curls, Baltazar paints a refreshing picture of curls that the world needs to see.