The Mixie Is the Bold, '70s-Inspired Haircut That Will Dominate 2022

"It’s a vibe as much as it’s a haircut."

Mixie haircut trend

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Apparently, the '90s aren't the only decade making a major comeback this year. When it comes to hairstyles, the '70s are also in, and the mixie—a combination of a mullet and a pixie cut—is a prime example. The style's short length and shaggy chop are proof that your hair can be both edgy and manageable. So if you've been toying with the idea of taking on a more rebellious look, sans the heavy lifting of constant upkeep, a mixie might be the right cut for you.

To learn more the trend, we tapped three pro stylists to tell us everything we need to know about the mixie—from how to ask for it at the salon to how to style the cut. Read on for all the details on the retro chop.

Meet the Expert

What Is a Mixie?

"A mixie is an edgy haircut that is longer in the back, like a mullet, and short in the front, like a pixie," celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho explains to Byrdie. Where it falls exactly will depend on you and your stylist (shaggy layers are up to interpretation, after all!), but it will most likely involve bangs that land around your temple and a mullet that stops just short of your shoulders.

"It has a '70s feel with the shape of the bangs up front and the length in the back. It gives an edgier feel to short hair," says Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair Care. Think Miley Cyrus in her peak rocker era.

The mixie is a pretty sharp turn away from the hair trends du jour like long layers and soft curtain bangs. Rather, the key to this cut is to embrace its rough edges and the rebellious, retro vibe that goes with it. "Mixie as a haircut feels uniquely different from what we’ve been seeing, but also has a slight '70s retro vibe that feels familiar," Cho adds. So instead of sticking with the '90s, this style dials it back another two decades.

"Just like a mullet, it’s a vibe as much as it’s a haircut," stylist Sarah Cunningham explains. That said, with an edgy, short haircut like this, there is a little more room for error. In other words, choose your stylist with caution. "You really want to seek out a stylist who’s known for edgier haircuts," Cho says, recommending "someone who gets the look and can also understand how to alter it depending on your face shape and texture."

Per Cunningham, "Cheekbones and a strong jaw line are both a plus" for carrying this look—but don't be dissuaded if that's not you to a T. A good stylist will be able to adjust the cut to fit your face shape without sacrificing any of the edge.

No matter where you go and what stylist you see, make sure to bring plenty of inspo photos to show them. "Bringing reference pictures of what you are looking for is always a best practice for the client and the stylist to ensure everyone has a clear vision and clear expectations," Grenia adds. (That's a good rule of thumb for any dramatic cut, BTW.)

How to Style a Mixie

The good news is once you have a mixie cut you're happy with, styling it isn't a huge undertaking. It's mostly just playing with your texture to find a look that works for you. Whether that means zhuzhing it up a little bit yourself or incorporating some texturizing hair products—Cho likes the R+Co Velvet Curtain Cotton Touch Texture Balm ($34)—into your routine is up to you.

If you'd rather style your locks fresh out of the shower, the IGK Big Time Volume + Thickening Mousse ($31) is great on damp hair and can add a bit more of "gritty texture," per Grenia. Try finishing off your styling routine with the Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray ($31), which will help you separate pieces to achieve your desired texture.

Along that same, low-effort vibe, this haircut won't require constant trips to the salon for upkeep. "Depending on your texture, it’s a pretty low maintenance haircut because of the loose length around the hairline," Cho says. "You can let it go longer than a short, tighter pixie." If you do want to keep it ultra-fresh, Cunningham recommends getting a trim every five to eight weeks.

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  • How often does a mixie haircut need to be trimmed?

    Mixies have room to grow (sometimes, they even look better with extra length. So try going to the salon for trims just every five to eight weeks.

  • How do I ask my stylist for a mixie haircut?

    The easiest way to ask for a mixie is to tell yoru stylist you'd like 1970s-style bangs (i.e. those that fall around your temple) and a shorter mullet style that hits around the shoulders.

  • Can those with natural hair texture wear a mixie haircut?

    Yes. A mixie works for a range of textures — the main thing is to ensure a natural mixie embraces some of the rough texture and lengthier layers.

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