Should I Get an Owl Tattoo?

Young woman is getting a chest tattoo. About 25 years old, Caucasian brunette.
GoodLifeStudio/Getty Images

People tattoo images of animals on themselves for their significance, their personal meaning, or just because. Birds, in particular, are a very—almost too—popular choice. However, of all the birds in the wild, there's only one that's considered the wisest. The owl a mysterious bird, and with over 200 different owl species, you'll have plenty of inspiration for your design.

Almost all owls are nocturnal, meaning they spend their days sleeping and awaken at night. Owls keep a mixed diet of small birds and insects, although a few species even prey on fish. While most owls hunt by night, some species come alive during the twilight hours of both dawn and dusk. Their grey colored feathers give owls a camouflaged appearance, and they have unique serrated edges on their wings, which makes them a stealthy, almost unseen predator. The owl is a wise, powerful, and captivating bird. 

There are plenty of reasons someone would want an owl tattoo. Owls are often associated with magic, which means you could work the bird into a fantasy inspired tattoo design for beautiful results. If you're into magic, consider elements like the moon, branches, and stars. An owl makes a great wisdom tattoo, a wonderful choice for anyone in academia. An owl in flight makes for a rough-around-the-edges looking choice that would work well on your back or your chest. Because there are so many varieties in the wild, be sure to make your owl distinguishable and don't be afraid to let it soar with color or open wings.

Owls are full of minor details, but because their shape is so distinct, you could likely tattoo just a silhouette and the bird would be recognizable. Whether you opt or black and gray or color is entirely up to you. Either way, an owl makes a great addition to any tattoo design. If you've decided on one, you'll need to pick the right design style and placement, which can make or break the idea. For some people, it could be apt to have the owl perched on the shoulder where it can guard and protect. Others may find an owl at the name of the neck can be easily concealed by day and can play at night, much like the owls themselves. If you're considering an owl tattoo, look through nature books and look up some images to brainstorm, then meet with your artist and ensure the design is what you want. It's the wisest way to get a tattoo.

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