"Protest With Your Dollar": Why Team Byrdie Is Wearing Hot Pink Lipstick Today

In the current political climate, it's not uncommon to wake up to uncomfortable news from Washington, D.C.—news that can make women and LGBTQ+ folks feel uncertain about their future. Ever since last November, a sense of helplessness and confusion about what everyday Americans can do to stand up for what's right has descended over the country. And in its wake, many beauty brands have stepped up to the plate, creating products that donate a portion of their proceeds to human rights organizations. But we often find ourselves questioning whether something as small (and commodified) as a beauty product really effect meaningful political change.

Today, in particular, we were hungry for answers, so we reached out to Davida Hall, founder of a brand called The Lipstick Lobby, which the website describes as "a social justice movement for change, progress, and equality." TLL is also a makeup brand that sells a magenta matte lipstick called Kiss My Pink and donates 100% of its net profits from the lipstick (yes, all of it) to Planned Parenthood. #LipstickItToTheMan is the organization's hashtag, and bringing accessible support and health care to women, men, and the LGBTQ+ community is its mission.

So can a beauty product really make a political difference? Keep scrolling to find out (and to pick up a tube of Kiss My Pink yourself)!