If You Like Byredo or Le Labo, You're Going to Love This New Fragrance Line

Fragrance is the most personal part of a woman’s beauty routine, the one that can bring back a vivid memory or instill confidence in one spritz—so why do we keep buying the same ones as everyone else? That’s a question that can easily be solved by The Harmonist, a chic new fixture nestled in L.A.’s Melrose Place that turns the idea of a “signature fragrance” on its head. Like more niche fragrance lines Le Labo and Byredo, the products fit the criteria for cult-favorite status to a T: The packaging is chic and minimal, the scents are unique, and the store itself is incredibly luxe, with an artisanal touch. But The Harmonist has another added element (pun intended): Its fragrance selection process is based on feng shui, or the energies of the universe. At The Harmonist, you don’t choose the fragrance—the fragrance chooses you. As a Harry Potter fan and a firm believer that someday, somehow, the wand of my dreams will indeed choose me, this notion sounded right up my alley. Thus, I embarked upon a journey to experience the sleek, modern fragrance boutique and learn about how one special fragrance can balance my inner chi and lead to creativity, prosperity, and more.

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