Get The Glam: This App is the New Uber of Beauty Services

We live in an instant gratification culture. Some might call our generation lazy—we prefer “innovative” or “whip-smart” (obviously). So when on-demand beauty apps burst onto the scene last year, effectively bridging the worlds of tech and beauty, young women everywhere rejoiced and officially swore off their blow-dryers. The latest of these on-demand innovations on our radar? The Glam App, just launched by Cara Santana, an actress and founder of Cara Disclothed, COO Katrina Barton, and Joey Maalouf, one of Hollywood’s most popular hairstylists.

When we asked Maalouf what sets The Glam App apart from the rest, he was quick to reply: “We saw that there was something lacking in the marketplace, so we wanted to create an on-demand beauty app that was both advantageous for the stylist and beneficial for the customer,” he says. “The crux of what we created is a virtual agency where stylists can build and grow their own brands.” Unlike other apps, all stylists (and makeup artists!) can sign up as long as they have a license and pass the background check, with the app determining their level of expertise ("bsg" for one year of experience, "jrs" for two to five years of experiences, and "vip" for sought-after stylists with more than five years experience). After that, customers can choose from different stylists and filter by level, pricing (which range from $40-$120), and more.

Another unique feature? Like the ever-popular ride app Uber, stylists can be “on duty” and will receive appointment requests. They then have to be quick to respond, accepting the request before others do. “I’m coming from the hairstylist’s perspective, and I wanted to make sure that whatever we put out into the marketplace would be designed to fit not only the consumer’s needs, but also the stylist’s,” Maalouf explains. Innovative and whip-smart, indeed.

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