Why Do We All Love This Bright Green Shirt So Much?

The statement staple that won’t quit.

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Unpacking the Appeal

A single article of clothing can take the internet by storm. Whether it’s the fit, trend, or color we just can’t shake, some pieces hit different. But what makes fashion go viral? With Unpacking the Appeal, we’re digging into the most-loved clothes on the internet and figuring out why they make us go absolutely bananas. Plus, more on the trend, shopping, and styling details to satiate your style palette.

There’s nothing like a crisp, clean cotton shirt—but one stand-out style has risen in the ranks, taking social feeds by storm with its structural silhouette and vivid color. If you’ve scrolled through Instagram over the past six months, you’ve probably spotted bloggers donning a bright green button-down that billows in the wind just so while posing in front of a slate-colored wall in lug sole boots or chunky loafers. It’s clear that The Frankie Shop’s Melody Oversized Cotton Shirt ($115) in Island Green has an unyielding grip on so many grids and even more closets—but what makes the seemingly basic top so special?

To find answers on why we can’t get the poplin staple out of our heads or our Pinterest boards, we’re unpacking the shirt’s undeniable appeal.

Why We Love It

For starters, a pop of green infuses any outfit with a dash of earthy exuberance, and in the past year, various shades from sage to forest have secured a permanent spot in the style landscape. But there’s got to be more to what makes this shirt so damn good. The relaxed silhouette brings a sense of comfort we’ve grown accustomed to over the past two years, offset by a quality of structural professionalism that wasn’t present in the blob-like ‘fits from the early days of quarantine.

Life has yet to bounce back to what it looked like in the Before Times, but slipping into a utilitarian look that would fly in a boardroom can make your day-to-day feel closer to normalcy (even if you haven’t stepped foot in an office in ages).

The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop

About the Brand

If you’re searching for trend-forward staples that will bring that disheveled-yet-polished French girl appeal to any look, enter The Frankie Shop. The New York-based brand started as a concept shop in 2013, stocking a curation of indie designers crafting smart, minimalist pieces—but saw major growth on social media amid the pandemic.

Peruse the brand’s tagged photos, and you’ll see just how die-hard fashion folk and style minimalists alike love to share their boxy blazers, poofy jackets, and chunky knitwear on the ‘Gram. The bold silhouettes have cemented themselves as core accents to social feeds, including the viral green shirt in question.

The Appeal

There’s something inherently joyful about this specific shade of green, and the brand’s owner, Gaelle Drevet, agrees it plays a role in the massive popularity of the piece (which usually sells out within a few days of restock).

“That particular green is not something you would think could sell so well normally—not quite Kelly Green but not too neon—but it started popping up on the runway, and on social media, so we fell in love with it and decided to offer it in an easy everyday silhouette. I think people are eager to wear brighter, more vibrant colors these days.”

Aside from the striking hue, the brand’s signature oversized fit is enough to make you stop scrolling and is an ideal balance between comfy and polished. “The fit also plays a huge role because it’s the perfect oversized, effortless ‘borrowed from the boys’ silhouette,” says Drevet.

green shirt
The Frankie Shop Melody Oversized Cotton Shirt - Island Green $115.00

How to Style It

While the shirt really popped off over the summer, we continue to spot real-life cool girls rocking the look all over NYC, and the brand’s tagged photos prove influencers aren’t ready to let go yet, either. Even with fall in full swing, and as the leaves change from green to shades of yellow and gold, the staple piece continues its reign on the sidewalks and social feeds alike. 

Whether styled over a bikini or under a cable-knit vest, the top proves its endless versatility and impressive staying power—but we can’t help but wonder what’s next in line to shine as the new sartorial supreme. Will it be a deliciously gaudy floor-length coat, a delightfully impractical cropped sweater, or a whimsical accessory the girls refuse to put down? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout draped in this loud and proud button-down that has a Hulk-level chokehold on the fashion community at large. And we’re not mad about it!

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