Welcome to The Flipside, a New Place to Talk About Beauty and Identity


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Hey there, delightful human. We've got some exciting news to share. But first, some backstory. Here at Byrdie, beauty is obviously our lifeblood, and every day, we do our best to give you honest product reviews, up-to-the-minute launch information, cool hacks and tutorials, meaningful celebrity interviews, and even an in-depth investigative piece here and there. We live for this stuff. However, we also know that "beauty" is way more than fishtail braids and mascara. Beauty is identity. And it's been hard to ignore that, especially over the past few years. Our hair, our facial features, our bodies: They can reflect cultural standards (or rebellion), sexuality, race, and even politics. We don't always realize it, but this beauty stuff can get pretty loaded.

We needed somewhere on Byrdie to talk about these issues. So today, we're super jazzed to share the launch of The Flipside (as in the flipside of beauty, of course). It's a dedicated place for unique, personal, and unexpected stories that challenge our society's definition of "beauty." Keep scrolling to learn more about the cool new stuff happening on The Flipside.

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