The Doux’s Newest Launch is a One-Step Formula For Poppin' Curls

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The Doux Crazysexycurl Honey Setting Foam

the doux honey setting foam on a cloudy photo background

The Doux/Byrdie

What We Like
  • Nourishing ingredients

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight formula that doesn't make curls crunchy

What We Don't Like
  • Strong fragrance


The Doux Crazysexycurl Honey Setting Foam

the doux honey setting foam on a cloudy photo background

The Doux/Byrdie

If you're like me, one beauty concern that comes up when warmer weather rolls around is: How much product can I put in my hair before the heat turns it into tumbleweed? Or do I need to layer products to maintain definition and combat frizz? Finding one product that addresses all challenges seems far-fetched, but The Doux's Crazysexycurl Honey Setting Foam comes close.

Honey Setting Foam is The Doux's new all-in-one styler that claims to condition, detangle, define, and set your styles. The fast-drying formula gives your curls a flexible hold without frizz or flaking. The formula's main ingredient is honey, which helps add shine and moisture to curls. Aloe, bamboo, and silk amino acids round out the key ingredients for extra hydration and protection.

On a quest to find products that simplify my routine, I took The Doux's new setting foam for a spin during wash day and detailed my experience ahead. Read on for my honest review.

The Doux Honey Setting Foam

Best for: All hair types, but especially curl-friendly

Uses: Hold, shine, and hydration

Cruelty-Free?: Yes

About the brand: Founded by Maya Smith, a licensed cosmetologist, and United States veteran, The Doux is a hip-hop-inspired line that provides salon-quality solutions at home. 

About My Hair: Curly and Color Treated

I swear by the wash-and-go method for styling my color-treated curls. I am always seeking out products that simplify my routine and detangle, condition, and define. While I am open to parring back on hair products, I am always slightly wary of single products that claim to do it all. I often look for products that have clean ingredients, aren’t extremely fragrant, and contain healthy oils to maintain moisture.

The Process

The best time to give the Honey Setting Foam was on a freshly shampooed hair and scalp. I cleansed with Miribel Naturals Creamy Hair Cleanser ($26), which I love for its subtle fragrance. The Doux's foam has a strong honey fragrance, which is worth noting. While some people might love the lingering scent, I tend to be sensitive to super fragrant hair products. So, I knew before smelling it that I should opt for a mild shampoo.

After I washed my hair, I detangled my curls and raked the foam through my curls with my fingers. The consistency was an interesting combination of foam, water, and honey. It got slippery easily, so I had to work quickly between pumps. When I coated my hair, I was initially concerned because it looked like I coated my strands in shampoo suds. However, the product quickly absorbed into my curls and made them defined. It took less than ten minutes to apply the foam throughout my hair in sections and, once I raked it in, I didn't have to follow up with additional scrunching or styling.

The Results: Defined Curls

I was impressed by the hold and frizz-free curls that lasted me a few days. To reactivate the product and refresh my style, I only had to spritz on some water to enhance my curls. Depending on how much product you use, you might also find that the foam may have a slightly tacky feel, so I recommend starting light and building up to more product if you need.

byrdie writer shows the foamy consistency of the doux's honey setting foam and her final curly hair results.

Desiree Johnson/Byrdie

The Value: Budget-Friendly and Worth Every Penny

At $15.99, this product is a steal and one that you'll want to keep on your shelf to satisfy any of your styling needs. I was surprised that I could achieve defined, soft curls without having to use any leave-in conditioners or oils, and my hair stayed tightly coiled for up to three days. This may not be ideal if you are sensitive to fragrances or honey's smell. Still, that all boils down to personal preference. 

Similar Products: You Have Options

If you're looking for some comparable options, there are a few good ones. Mielle Organics Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse ($14) can be used on dry or wet curls and combined with cream for frizz-free definition. Carol's Daughter Conditioning Styling Foam ($9) is light enough to use with rollers and wraps for enhanced curls. Like The Doux, this contains honey extract and works with natural ingredients like agave nectar and rosemary to lock in moisture. Lastly, Camille Rose Spiked Honey Mousse 4-In-1 Styler ($16) combines honey and nettle root to help set styles, smooth strands, and boost shine.

Final Verdict

The Doux's Honey Setting Foam might be an acquired smell for some, but ultimately it delivers on its promise of nourished curls minus all the product cocktailing. It's defining, hydrating, and easy to use, ultimately checking all of my boxes.


  • Product Name Crazysexycurl Honey Setting Foam
  • Product Brand The Doux
  • Price $16.00

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