Want to Become a Member of Our Private Beauty Council? Here's How


Harper and Harley

It’s no secret that we love to hear from you, our readers. We are constantly scrolling through the comments section on our sites for ways in which we can improve our content, and we would be lying if we said we didn’t come up with a story or two thanks to one of your brilliant suggestions or favorite product recommendations. Since we can’t get enough of your sage advice, we created an exclusive Facebook group, The Council, a place where our most savvy followers can give input on everything from the latest happenings in the fashion and beauty industries to the typography we should use on our websites. After all, who better to help us make informed decisions than our loyal followers?

If you’re an early adopter of trends or tend to discover new brands ahead of the crowd, we want you to join The Council. It’s a closed group on Facebook, but we are looking for more of our devoted readers to chime in on the discussion. If that sounds of interest to you (we hope it does), head to Facebook, and click “Join the Group” to participate in Clique Media’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle forum.

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