Exclusive: You Can Now Shop Your Favorite Luxury Beauty Goods Straight From Amazon

From D.S. & Durga to Costa Brazil.

The Conservatory wellness collection

The Conservatory 

Shopping for clean, luxury beauty products has always be undeniably fun, but something we'd consider a little less than simple. First, there's selection: sure, everything's gorgeous and perfectly packaged, but how do you know what's actually worth purchasing without spending hours on research and testimonials? And then, of course, there's the issue of access: unless you're situated near a major hub, you're relegated to ordering from individual websites and long wait times for delivery. Or, starting today, you could just head over to Amazon—yes, for real.

This morning, The Conservatory partners with Amazon's Luxury Stores division to bring an expertly (and ethically) curated collection of top apothecary and beauty luxury goods to you, shoppable exclusively on the Amazon app. Featuring six themed categories and even fast, free shipping and returns (!), it's now easier than ever to shop your favorite luxury, ethical brands—and just in time for the holidays. For the as-yet-uninitiated, think of The Conservatory as your favorite fashion magazine come to life—the website and physical stores in New York, Dallas, and Napa curate the most stylish home goods, clothing, beauty and bath products, jewelry, and even art under one roof. And now through this partnership, it's never been easier to get your hands on The Conservatory's best beauty picks—and there are a lot.

"The Conservatory was a conceived as a gallery for people to discover their online favorites in real life," founder Brian Bolke explains exclusively to Byrdie. "This partnership with Luxury Stores brings it full circle."

Ideal for holiday shopping, the Apothecary is filled with handpicked individual items as well as sets of themed sets, ranging in price from $135-$745 and personally curated by Bolke and The Conservatory’s Wellbeing Editor, Jamie Rosen. Selected products and brands don't just look and feel good, either—as is the case with their gallery-style storefronts, everything in the Consciously Curated Apothecary is chosen in accordance with the company's ethos including uplifting underrepresented voices and female leaders, clean ingredients that are ethically sourced, or Earth-friendly packaging.

Best of wellbeing set creams and jars
The Conservatory 

Best Of Wellbeing Set

Rosen, whose lengthy credentials include tenure as Town & Country's Beauty Director, says that mission played a critical role in curating items for the Apothecary, especially in such a tumultuous time.

"Our hope is to offer gifts that feel elevated, thoughtful, and easy to send to those you love," Rosen tells Byrdie, describing many of their sets, like Helping Hands ($135) and Eye Witness ($495), reflective of the year. "They speak to the way we live and take care of ourselves in 2020, while others, like the gifts in Curated Candles and Apothecary Upgrade, are all about sharing rituals with meaning and discoveries that deliver."

Helping Hands gift set
The Conservatory 

Helping Hands Set

While the Apothecary is well-stocked with great gifts, there's plenty you'll want to keep for your own Self-Care Sundays. Noted candle connoisseur Bolke can't get enough of the D.S. and Durga Spirit Lamp Candle ($65), his-go to for an energy reset. Available as part of the Spiritual Helper Set ($255) that also includes sage smudge, moon-charged intention matches, it's your preassembled set for a night of manifesting and vision boarding. For true candle obsessives, Bolke suggests the jaw-dropping Candle Almanac Set ($395), a collection comprised of six very different and excellent candles he describes as "best in class" and favorites of The Conservatory.

Spiritual Helper gift set
The Conservatory 

Spiritual Helper Set

There are plenty of individual products practically begging to be added to your cart, but one of the best things about The Conservatory at Amazon Luxury Stores are the sets curated by Bolke and Rosen. Far from your standard preselected gift sets, these themed collections are expertly assembled often in unusual and very useful ways. Rosen is especially fond of the Sleeping Beauty Set ($255), "which is all about products that are ideal for the bedside, from a Costa Brazil Body Cream ($98) to the Provision Dream Extract Spray ($52) for your pillow," she says. "It's been really fun to put all of our products and brands together in creative and not-so-obvious ways."

Sleeping Beauty set collection sprays and creams
The Conservatory

Sleeping Beauty Set

Bolke's innovative streak had him thinking of ideas the day Luxury Stores first launched, locked on bringing The Conservatory onboard for what seems to be the future of luxury retail. "I pretty much stalked Amazon to be a part of it," he jokes. "To be able to create our own immersive digital storefront that expresses who we are and have the ease and logistics of Amazon behind it has been a dream and allows us to do things that we simply could not have done on our own."

The Conservatory's Consciously Curated Apothecary launches today in Amazon Luxury Stores, December 4, exclusively on the Amazon Shopping app.

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