L.A.'s Trendiest New Workout Involves Lots of Yelling (and Shaking)

If you were to wander into the MNR Dance Factory in Brentwood at 9 a.m. last week, you may have assumed you’d stumbled into an especially emotionally charged church service. A group of women stood with their hands stretched to the heavens, blissful smiles on their faces, seemingly praying, while a sunny blonde led them in raising their voices to a gradual roar. “Focus on your body,” she encouraged. “Love the sh*t out of your body!”

Oh. You’re not at church—you’re at the trendiest new workout that just arrived in L.A. The name? Simply The Class—because who needs a real name when you’re activating stagnant “layers” in your body and yelling to release stress, tension, and negative emotions? I was one of those women with her hands outstretched, sweating profusely, short of breath, and asking for blessings from the universe. Here is my honest account of this supermodel-approved workout.

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