The Busy Girl's Guide to a Great Hair Day

Like it or not, you and your hair share a history. You’ve been through thick and thin, and if there’s one thing you can honestly say, it’s that your locks have let you down on more than one occasion. It may have been due to shoddy shampoos, haircut horror stories that still make your eye twitch, or that time you went bleach blond in college. Except given all your tress trials and tribulations, in time, you arrive at an “aha” moment where you finally know what works and what doesn’t. You’re in control. You’ve got the power to make your mane work. Today, three bloggers are sharing those success stories. Because everyone’s had a bad hair day, but a great one? That’s something to talk about.

From experimenting with hair color in your twenties to the mane upkeep as a mom in your forties, scroll down to see how this trio combs through their busy schedules to make time for a great hair day with the premium products from Pantene's Expert Dry Defy and Fade Defy Collections.