We're Launched a Private Beauty Group, and You're Invited

Updated 05/04/18
The british beauty line: Lucy Williams beauty flat lay
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Did you know we launched our very own private Facebook community late last year? And you're invited to come in and chat all things beauty, health and fitness in a safe space.

The British Beauty Line is your place to communicate with the beauty obsessed. It's your space to ask the questions you'd normally go to Google for and get a handful of engaged members commenting back with their own thoughts and opinions.

Once you've joined, you'll be able to reach out directly to the Byrdie UK team. Want to ask about a certain beauty trend you're not sure about or an ingredient you keep seeing on products everywhere? You can let us know in the group, and we'll look to tailoring more of our Byrdie UK content to you. You might want to rave about the latest products you're loving, where you had the best facial of your life, or just that you're fed up of a particular beauty issue and need some advice from the team and your fellow beauty-obsessed members.

So want to be a part of our beauty gang? All you have to do is follow us on Instagram and DM us your email address that's associated with your Facebook. We'll be accepting all new members; just keep a lookout in your emails for the golden ticket (and by golden ticket, we mean your acceptance email, obviously).

Up next, we asked what your skincare problems are—because we're here to help.

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