Another Week, Another Face Roller We're Obsessed With—and It's Under $20

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It's hardly a secret that team Byrdie is obsessed with facial massagers. Whether it's a jade roller or Nurse Jamie's Uplift tool, they are one of our favorite tools. When I found out that The Body Shop had a facial massager available for under $20, I thought I'd give it a try. I was happily perusing the shelves: colorful jars of body butters stacked high, the good old vitamin E collection...and that's when I spotted the futuristic-looking Twin-Ball Revitalizing Facial Massager ($8) out of the corner of my eye.

Keep reading to see what it was like to use The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager.

What Is The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager?

The Body Shop's palm-size massager is pretty hefty, thanks to its metallic balls (is it just me who chuckles at that sentence? I'm a child, I know). Like the metal tips on many eye cream tubes, these stay cool whatever the weather, which feels like bliss on the skin and has a welcome de-puffing effect on the complexion. Thanks to the design, not only do the balls hug your jawline and your cheekbones, but they also roll as you draw the tool along and up your face, so you get a really effective massage.

The Body Shop Twin-Ball Revitalizing Facial Massager
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It comes housed in a small box, and on inside of the lid is a handy (and crucially, simple) five-step massage routine that takes mere minutes. Used in the evening, it helps to relax weary muscles and draw out unwanted tension; used in the morning, it tackles puffiness with ease. As experts note, massage does help improve the look of skin. "Skin or facial massage does improve vascular circulation to the massaged area, thereby supplying that skin with increased and a more steady supply of nutrients, which can build collagen/elastin and improve skin health overall," says dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, founder and CEO of the Miami Skin Institute.

Benefits of Facial Massage

• Increases circulation

• Improves skin texture

• Builds collagen

Facial massage certainly has its benefits, with scientific studies finding that the use of facial massagers can increase blood flow to the skin, even minutes after the massage is over. As Jegasothy notes above, increasing blood flow to the face helps supply more nutrients to the area thereby imparting a healthy, plump, glow.

How To Use The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager

Before using, apply your usual serum or cream, as this will help the massager glide along the contours of your face. Start at your chin and draw it along your jawbone up to your ear and repeat on the other side. If you hold tension here, you'll feel the balls working their way through the knots, easing them as they go.

Next, bring the massager up to your cheek and follow your cheekbone up and out toward your temples. I repeated the action three times on my jaw and three times on my cheek on one side of my face. It was crazy that I immediately noticed the massaged side looked lifted and more spritely. I repeated the moves on the other side. You can then work it upward and horizontally across your forehead and up your neck and chin, an often neglected area (by me, at least).

Twin Ball Massager
The Body Shop Twin-Ball Revitalizing Facial Massager $12 $8

Side Effects

As with anything in the realm of beauty, it appears there is the potential for too much of a good thing—but only if you use The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager too aggressively. "Unless massage is performed too aggressively and breaks or damages the skin, there should be no real downside to skin massage in normal skin types," says Jegasothy. "Of course, if you have a skin condition or inflamed skin in general, please consult your dermatologist before performing any skin wellness procedure by yourself."

The Final Takeaway

It's been a few weeks since using The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager, and I have to say my skin looks much better for it—calm, clear, just a bit less tired, and a tad perkier. In fact, there is nothing my face doesn't love about this tool, so I'm happy to report that it's now in a long-term relationship with my face.

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