Mix Up Your At-Home Workout Routine With These Popular YouTube Videos

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When the alarm goes off at 6 a.m., the last thing I want to do is pull on my gym clothes and sweat for an hour. I’m all for being up-and-at-em, but when it’s still dark outside and I stayed up way too late binge-watching Schitt’s Creek the night before, I need a little external motivation.

Workout videos, I've found, serve as a motivator for me. With a plethora of free videos available on YouTube, you can source all different kinds of workouts, from dance cardio, to yoga-Pilates fusion… you name it. Each video, with its own dynamic host, brings something different to the table, keeping things exciting and varied.

Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite workout videos on YouTube, no matter your skill level.

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Low-Impact and Beginner Workouts With The Body Project

Not sure where to start while working out? The Body Project’s channel has a wide selection of free videos focused on movement, including dealing with injury or disability. This low-impact, 30-minute beginner standing workout will get your heart rate up and set the foundation for a healthy relationship with exercise.

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Blogilates Total Body Beginner Pilates

Certified fitness instructor and Pilates mat and reformer teacher Cassey Ho built up a YouTube Pilates empire over the past ten years, inventing a new form of Pilates called POP Pilates, which matches pop music to classical Pilates routines. In addition to fun, upbeat Pilates and beginner workouts, she offers dance cardio, targeted muscle groups, and lifestyle tips to her 5 million subscribers.

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Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Ab Challenge

Popular Melbourne-based YouTuber Chloe Ting offers hundreds of videos and fitness challenges on her YouTube channel for her 16 million subscribers. But by far the most popular is her Ab Challenge, which went viral on TikTok over the summer with more than 220 million views. You’ll feel the burn after only a few minutes with this one!

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Seated Workout

Ben Clark shows those who use wheelchairs how to get a proper upper body HIIT workout that's low-impact and perfect if you're just starting your fitness journey.

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Eva Fitness Aerobic Workout

You’ll jump right into a quick but gentle aerobics workout with Eva Fitness. She offers daily workouts filmed in an aerobics studio set to upbeat tunes. While her most popular is a simple 20-minute routine, you can find dance-based choreography and other aerobics that take the ‘80s trend into the modern era.

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10-Minute Booty Burn with Pamela Reif

German-based star Pamela Reif’s simple videos get straight into the workout, with solid tunes and a timer to help you switch exercises. On her channel, you’ll find a mix of workouts, with options for quick burnouts (ten- or fifteen-minute options targeted toward a specific body part) and full-body sessions.

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Senior Workout

Joe Wicks of The Body Coach has a great 10-minute low-impact workout for seniors. It can move a bit fast if you're brand new to working out or have limited mobility, so you may want to take it at your own pace.

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Total Body Yoga with Adriene

This 45-minute flow (complete with Adriene’s pup Benji) stretches out all those aches and pains. This mostly-seated option opens up your hips, hamstrings, and lower back, all to the calming narration from Adriene, one of YouTube’s most popular yogis with 8 million subscribers. On her channel, you’ll find all kinds of free videos designed to introduce yoga to beginners.

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Fitness Marshall Dance Cardio

Caleb Marshall (aka the Fitness Marshall) offers accessible dance cardio workouts (try not to smile, I dare you!) Find a jam you love—the most popular are Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” and Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”—and get moving!

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The Jump Rope Guys

The best workouts don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment. Case in point: The Jump Rope Guys’ ten-minute beginner workout. Live out your Disney Channel dreams with these quick jump-rope cardio workouts.

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Bodyweight Bootcamp with Natacha Oceane

No weights? No problem! Personal trainer Natacha Oceane offers bodyweight HIIT-style workouts designed with small spaces in mind, so you can find a way to move whether you’re traveling or trying to squeeze in between your kitchen table and your TV. In addition to workouts, she also opens up about her struggles with weight loss and eating disorders to encourage women to have a healthier relationship with their bodies and with food.

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Full-Body Strength with Syndey Cummings

NASM-certified trainer Syndey Cummings brims with positive energy in her workouts, which range from power HIIT bootcamps to full-body strength training like this one. The Charlotte-based trainer and D1 track athlete has more than 800,000 subscribers and counting, making her one of the most popular trainers.

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Mobility Work and Injury Prevention

HASfit (standing for Heart and Soul Fitness), run by trainer and motivational speaker Coach Kozak, offers a holistic view of fitness, with stretches, mobility, and body-part specific videos that will motivate you to keep going. You’ll find videos for every ability with modifications for beginners or for injuries.

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