The BEST Product to Prep Just-Washed Hair for a Braid

Have you ever wanted to don a fishtail but then paused because you washed your hair that day and just knew it would inevitably fall right out? It’s no secret “dirty” hair styles landslides better than clean hair. But ironically, while there are plenty of products available to dry-clean hair on the go, there’s not so much offering the reverse. Problem solved. 

About a week ago, I discovered a product that put styling my hair back on my terms. And it's beyond easy to implement. Once your go-to braid or ponytail is to your liking, sprinkle a little of Unite’s Expanda Dust ($28) at the root and onto all exposed areas. The dust “thickens” the hair without making it look greasy. Loosen the braid just a touch throughout and at the crown for a messy look. Trust! Your hair will look fuller and last longer than ever expected. Need to smooth out a few frizzy ends? Don’t forget about our other secret braid weapon

Have you tried dusting your 'do? Did it work? Share the wealth; let us know your best-kept braid secrets below!