It's Official: These Are the Best-Selling Mascaras at CVS

True story: I used to work at CVS in high school. Aside from the occasionally disgruntled customer asking me why their iced tea wasn't buy-one-get-one-free or why I couldn't quickly locate a carton of ultra-slim menthol cigarettes (I don't smoke! I don't know what these things mean!), it was a pretty decent job, especially when I got to stock the beauty shelves. I felt like an insider when we'd get a shipment of the latest launches and I was able to sneak a whiff or dissect the packaging and formulas. Little did I know that a few years down the road, I'd become a beauty editor and get an even more VIP look at the drugstore giant's offerings long before they hit the floor.

One of those instances happened recently when I chatted with CVS's PR team to learn about the top sales drivers for one of our favorite product categories: mascara. They so graciously sent me back a list of its top 10 best sellers, though, unexcitingly, the winners span only three brands. Clearly, these brands know a thing or two about lifting, volumizing formulas. Below, the top-selling mascaras at CVS.

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