The Best Bob Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

kim kardashian with bob haircut and sunglasses

The bob hairstyle is so classy, chic and cool, it will never go out of style. There are simply some versions that become trends of the moment (think: the lob and the shag).

If you are going to get a bob, consider your face shape. Ultimately, you can do whatever you'd like. But there are helpful guides that'll help you figure out what you want and what might look best on you. In this photo gallery, learn which types of bobs work best on each face shape and why. But first, make sure you know your face shape.

The Best Bobs for a Round Face

Tim Whitby for Getty Images

Cameron Diaz in a mussy bob

A round face can look rounder with hair cut to the chin, encasing the head like a helmet. The best bobs for round faces are long bobs with or without long, side-swept bangs.

Cameron Diaz (who has a round face) stepped out on the red carpet a few years ago with her hair cut into an adorable bob that she wasn't thrilled with at first because it was much shorter than she expected. "I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable," Diaz said on a talk show. 

But the style looks good on her. Here's why:

  • Side-swept bangs, which add angles to otherwise soft features.
  • Lack of volume. Diaz's hair doesn't have much body, which is good, because you don't want to add width to the sides of the head.

She looks great, although she didn't keep her short hair for long. Months later, she was pictured growing it out. 

Best Bobs for a Square Face

Alberto E. Rodriguez for Getty

Keira Knightley's graduated bob

This graduated bob works beautifully on Keira Knightley, who has a square face. Graduated bobs are shorter in back, longer in front. The best bob for you will hit an inch or two below your jaw.

You don't want your bob to hit right at the jawline. Square faces tend to have super strong jaws.

Heart-Shaped Face? Long Bobs Are Flattering

Jason Merritt // Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston's "lob" hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston has a heart-shaped face (this means her jaw juts out into a point) and as you can see from this picture, she looks phenomenal in a long bob.

Aniston has stepped out in a long bob back on multiple occasions over the years and she reportedly loves the look. 

Bobs Are a Great Choice for Heart-Shaped Faces

Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for CDG

Actress Katie Holmes

Note how Katie Holmes's bob is heavy at the chin, this balances out her amazing cheeks with her pointed chin. Chin-length bobs are great for your face shape, just make sure the ends are a bit tapered. Side-swept bangs are also gorgeous on your face shape.

Long & Oval Face Shapes: The Best Bobs for You

Linda Fargo bob hairstyle
Cindy Ord for Getty

Linda Fargo bob hairstyle

If you have a long face, or an oval face that is long-ish, consider a sophisticated bob such as this one. The angles show off a strong jaw and long layers add some movement so the bob isn't too boxy or helmet-like. Ask for layers cut in at the eyes and cheeks.

Long Faces: The A-Line Long Bob

Getty Images

Adrianne Palicki

Consider the uber-trendy long bob as seen here on actress Adrianne Palicki, which is very flattering on a long face. A long bob with a bit of wave to it is such an easy, versatile look. The bob should end just below the jaw to show off bone structure. 

Ask your stylist for an "A-line long bob," where the back is about one and a half inches shorter than the front.

Bobs With Blunt Bangs: Great for Oval, Heart & Long Faces

Pascal Le Segretain // Getty Images

A model at Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

Bobs with blunt bangs are great with oval, heart, and long face shapes. This look can be too severe for a square or a round face shape. 

A Long, Choppy Bob: Great for All Face Shapes

From left: Jason Merritt and John Sciulli for Getty Images


This long, graduated bob with a bit of wave in it, as seen here on actress Ali Larter, is gorgeous. It's a look that's flattering on all face shapes. 

Great for All Face Shapes: The Long Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Andrew H. Walker // Getty

Naomi Campbell

The long bob is universally flattering on all face shapes. The cut gives a round face angles and structure, which balances out soft lines. The length (two inches or more below the chin) is the key to this cut. You can get long layers cut in to add texture and cutting hair at an angle along the line of the jaw makes this cut more modern. If you have a square face, try parting hair in the center. For long faces, part hair at the side.

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