Desperately Seeking the Perfect Mask? We Found It



You can go ahead and file mud masks under things we can’t live without. While in the not-too-distant past, indulging in an at-home mask meant either a) quenching your skin’s thirst or b) pulling out the grime living deep within your pores, that was about it. These days, there’s more variety, with masks for brightening, calming, aging… insert skin problem here. And the best part is that you don’t have to pick just one: Grab a couple and you can multi-mask your way to a customized treatment that’s just right. Have dry cheeks? Uneven skin tone? Not to worry. We’re breaking down why we’re loving these four standout fast-acting, unisex Borghese masks that you can mix, match, pair, or wear alone for your healthiest skin yet.