The Anna Edit Shared Her Skincare Must-Haves With Us, and We Want Them All

Updated 04/09/18
The Anna Edit
Courtesy of The Anna Edit

I met Anna Newton, founder of The Anna Edit, a couple of weeks back. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about skincare, but she has a flawless, plump and glowy complexion to back it up. Needless to say I wanted to know her secrets, since I'm always on the lookout for ways to fine-tune my own routine. Lucky for us, she obliged and has revealed the nine products she swears by for great skin. Credit cards at the ready…

The Anna Edit: Skincare Essentials
Courtesy of The Anna Edit
Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover $20

“Having been a waterproof-mascara wearer exclusively for the past seven years (it’s the only formula that ever holds a curl), I’ve trialled and tested basically every makeup remover out there that claims to rid your lashes of the black stuff. Around 99% of formulas still leave me looking like a panda come the morning, but this one doesn’t—it’s seriously magical. It doesn’t sting my eyes nor feel greasy, but it does a stellar job of wiping away every last smidge of makeup. I wet two cotton pads with it, swipe it all over my face to act as a mini first cleanse (kinda), and then rest them over my lids for 30 seconds before wiping away.”

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser $15

“There have been a fair amount of cleansers I’ve loved over the years, but I’d often find myself switching between them seasonally to find just the right balance of that ‘squeaky clean’ sensation versus that rich oil feel that you get from a balm. For me, this one from Glossier sits slap bang in the middle, and I use it year-round. I have a dehydrated complexion, so I like to steer clear of anything that’s foaming; I prefer to add my nourishment into my routine later on in the game with serums and oils.

It’s simple and no fuss, and seeing as it’s the product that I go through the fastest, I’m a fan of the price tag. I take two pumps all over dry skin, massage it in and then remove with a warm, dampened flannel.”

Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence  $38

“I was never sold on the whole ‘essence’ step until I used this product, and now it’s one of the highlights in my routine. I take a 2p-sized glug onto my palms and slap it all over my face post-cleanse. I find it hydrates even more if my skin is slightly damp, quickly combatting that tight feeling you can get after washing your face. It preps your skin for the next steps, so I find that everything I use after just looks even glowier when this is underneath as a base. Sometimes I take it on a makeup sponge during the day and bop it all over my face to refresh my makeup and give a bit of dewiness back into my complexion if I start to get dry.”

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Eye Mask  $29

“The one skincare category I’m the least loyal to is eye cream. I don’t feel like I’ve ever found The One, although this re-released formula from Clarins comes close. The directions say to use it as a leave-on mask and to remove the residue after 10 minutes. However, I just use a small amount twice a day as my daily eye cream step. You may have noticed a trend here—that I like to look fresh and radiant (and this does just that). Makeup applies well over the top of it and doesn’t ball up, plus I feel all smug, like I’ve got some kind transformational mask working on my under-eye area 24/7.

A great one if you find yourself getting a little dry under your lids.”

Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate  $50

“A vitamin C product is a recent addition to my skincare routine, but it’s one I realised I needed to employ after noticing a dark spot on the side of my face get a wee bit darker. I’ve tested a few, and often they can be thick and gritty, but this newly reformulated version of this Kiehl’s best seller bucks the trend. It’s got a hefty dose of hyaluronic acid in there too, so it gives all the moisture whilst providing all the antioxidant protection. Since using it, I’ve noticed a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and my skin feels extra juicy and plump.

It’s a win-win, and I find it best applied pre-serum and post–eye cream; just make sure you leave it a minute or two.”

SkinCeuticals H.A Intensifier  $85

“Never have I felt so strongly about a hydrating serum as I have about this one. I’m singing its praises to anyone who will listen, and let me tell you—ignore the price and the subsequent repurchasing habit—your skin is going to love you for this one. As a dehydrated gal, I’m here for all the hyaluronic acid, and this formula not only delivers it but also encourages your skin to create more of its own. Hello, bounce! I am so careful to apply as much as I physically can to my skin, so I drop it on my face directly from the pipette Instagram-style and use my fingers to blend it in as quickly as possible.”

Kiehl's Ultra Facial SPF 30  $25

“As someone who has had one of those terrifying face scans where they show you a graph of the sun damage you have done to your skin, I’m here to tell you: Wear sunscreen every day, kids! I always thought I was pretty thorough with this step, but since that nightmarish scan, I’ve taken my SPF protection to the next level. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial SPF 30 is one I can apply as the final step of my morning skincare routine and feel like I’ve just slapped on a nourishing moisturiser. There’s no tacky or greasy feeling, and it’s easy enough to layer over later on in the day if I need to.

I have sensitive skin that freaks out if I even get in the radius of a chemical sunscreen, so this physical one does the trick and keeps my skin happy and protected.”

May Lindstrom The Youth Dew $136

“Another pricey purchase I would happily justify to my bank manager. I don’t tend to use oils in the morning, as I’m usually layering on makeup post–skincare routine, but in the evenings, I pile them on. If I go to bed looking like you could fry an eye on my face, I’m one happy chappy. Two pumps of this post-serum in the evening, gently pressed into the skin, leave me looking like I’ve drunk my two litres of water, eaten my seven portions of fruit and veg, and worked out the day before, even if I’ve not moved and just eaten the leftovers of my Easter egg stash.

If you’re dehydrated, sensitive or just lacking glow, it’s worth the splurge—I promise.”

Kiehl's Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Extract Firming Mask $44

“I partake in a detoxing face mask and a radiant boosting AHA-packed face mask once a week, but one area that I was lacking in (until Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Extract Firming Mask was released) was this facial toning step. You know how sometimes you just feel a little lacking in the elasticity department and don’t quite know how to resolve it? Well, when I’m feeling like that, I apply this on freshly cleansed skin in the evening. You don’t need a lot of it—a little goes a long way—and it works best with nothing underneath, or just a light layer of oil if you feel like you need an extra dose of moisture.

Come the morning, I feel like I just look a little ‘fresher’ and less puffy. It’s a miracle worker.”

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