Globally, Women Say They Feel Most Beautiful at THIS Surprising Age

Clinique, who launched the #FaceForward campaign encouraging women to set goals and achieve success, recently dedicated even more resources to helping women understand and maintain feeling beautiful both outside and in. 

The masterminds behind one of the world’s most popular cleansers, Clinique Facial Soap ($13), partnered with Harris Poll owned by Nielsen, surveying over 8000 women ages 18 and up in 15 countries across the globe. Questions were targeted to measure how significant a role physical appearance plays in how we feel. As it turns out, there’s a distinct age where women agree they feel the most beautiful, and it may skew higher than you think.

According to the report, “On average, women felt/will feel the most beautiful at age 27.” But the U.S. and Japan disagree. Out of the women polled in these countries, beauty doesn’t peak until the age of 32, with personal factors like family and success influencing how "beautiful" we view ourselves. 

The study goes on to reveal that "9 in 10 women said when they look good, they feel better about themselves" (kind of obvious). And "72% agree that money doesn’t buy happiness." Hooray!

So what does make us happy? The study concludes the top areas where women reportedly feel the happiest aren't about looks at all. Relationships with family, health, friendships, and children ranked ahead of physical appearance. However, looks, including weight and beauty, reigned prominent factors when women admitted to feeling unhappy with themselves. While it's not thrilling news, perhaps having visibility to a study like this will help women better navigate self-esteem. 

At what age have you felt the most beautiful? Did it align with how happy you were in your personal life and career? Let us know below if you agree with the research!