Thin-Haired Girls Need These Shampoos Stat

In case you missed Kendall Jenner’s Vogue cover debut (and how could you have?), the model fronted the glossy in a baroque jacket that’s strategically held open with no undershirt and a sassy, mussed hairdo to match. The exposed, lithe frame and enviable looks are all Kendall’s doing (and that incredible Kardashian/Jenner gene pool), but the textured, tousled hair? That can be attributed to R+Co’s new Cactus Shampoo and the brand’s founder and hairstylist, Garren.

Texturizing shampoos aren’t new, but they’re having a major moment right now. The idea is that they basically marry texturizing sprays, dry shampoos, and actual shampoos so that you get a gritty, moldable, voluminous style (perfect for thin-haired girls, especially) without having to spray anything on. Lived-in, next-day hair is achievable on day one, so for those of us who use dry shampoo mostly for texture (guilty as charged), we can forgo the trusty cans and bottles of powder or spray and just lather up instead.

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite texturizing shampoos so you, too, can channel your inner cover girl.

Have you ever tried a texturizing shampoo? What did you think? Sound off below!