Tutorial: How to Do a Faux–French Twist Ponytail

I can’t braid. I can’t curl my hair. I can barely brush it properly. Simply put: I’m not a hair person. I sport a lot of buns and ponytails. A full, fluffy fishtail braid is nice, but who’s to say a textured ponytail isn’t just as compliment-worthy? In my efforts to up my ponytail game I enlisted the help of Anh Co Tran, Hollywood’s top hair guru, and asked him to teach me a new variation on the classic style—something simple yet striking and doesn’t require hair pro-level skills. He turned out the twisted, textured pony. It mimics the look of a French twist (a style I couldn’t dream of executing) but takes only seconds to create.

Scroll through to see how it’s done, step-by-step!