Tutorial: How to Do a Faux–French Twist Ponytail

Updated 09/24/16

I can’t braid. I can’t curl my hair. I can barely brush it properly. Simply put: I’m not a hair person. I sport a lot of buns and ponytails. A full, fluffy fishtail braid is nice, but who’s to say a textured ponytail isn’t just as compliment-worthy? In my efforts to up my ponytail game I enlisted the help of Anh Co Tran, Hollywood’s top hair guru, and asked him to teach me a new variation on the classic style—something simple yet striking and doesn’t require hair pro-level skills. He turned out the twisted, textured pony.

It mimics the look of a French twist (a style I couldn’t dream of executing) but takes only seconds to create.

Scroll through to see how it’s done, step-by-step!

Paley Fairman

Split and Twist

Split your hair into two sections, one slightly bigger than the other (messy is good here). Start wrapping the smaller piece around the bigger section.

Paley Fairman

Wrap and Pin

Keep wrapping the hair down the length of your ponytail (not in the same spot like you would if you were concealing a hair tie). Once you reach the ends, pin them into the ponytail with a bobby pin.

Paley Fairman

Curl and Texturize

If your hair already has a natural wave, just muss it a bit and you’re good to go. If you need a little more texture, grab a large barrel curling iron (we’re using Hot Tools 1 1/4 Inch Gold Curling Iron, $40) and add curl your ponytail. Break it up with your fingers, add a spritz of your favorite finishing spray, and you’re done. 

Paley Fairman


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Credits: Hair by Anh Co Tran, Makeup by Stacey Tan, Photography by Paley Fairman, Modeled by Jessica Sikosek, Produced by Clique Studio.

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