Textured Nail Art Is the Maximalist Response to Glazed Nails

Neutral manicure with iridescent foil textured nail design


Minimalist nails have been everywhere lately, from Hailey Bieber's chrome manicures to lip gloss nails to a slew of barely there French manis. It’s no secret why these trends have gained traction—they grow out well, they match almost everything, and they look incredible on Instagram—but sometimes we want our nails to make a statement. Enter textured nail art: Like most trends, this design has been around for a while (we see you, early 2000s), but it's gained renewed popularity as a response to the slew of subtle manis, with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa giving it a try. Ahead, find 14 textured nail art ideas to bring to your next appointment (or maybe even DIY).

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Pearl Party

French manicure with 3D pearl stickers and pearl ring


If you aren’t totally ready to abandon your minimalistic ways, this simple yet chic textured nail art is the route for you. The pearl accent takes a classic design like a French mani to a more modern, sophisticated place. If you are looking to try this at home, we love these pearl adhesives ($12) for easy application.

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Jelly Drops

Textured nails and jelly nails are both trending, and this look is a combination of the two. The scattered colorful drops create a moment for volume, but if you aren’t into the textured look, these would be just as chic completely flat.

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Reflective Foils

Manicure with neutral base and textured iridescent foil design


It's more than possible to get textured nail art without going super 3D—just look at the intrigue this iridescent foil design creates. A neutral base lets the foils be the star of the show and allows you to easily pair your mani with any outfit.

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Bedazzled Tips

Manicure with colorful bedazzled tips and neutral base


A pearl accent brings a French manicure into 2023, but a bedazzled French mani brings the design into the future. We like using a clear or nude polish as the base so that these nails can fit minimalist and maximalist aesthetics alike. The Lele Sadoughi x Deco Nails Zodiac and Birthstone Nail Art Stickers ($12) allow you to personalize this look even further.

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Brunch at Your Fingertips

Manicure with hyperrealistic 3D cracked egg design


Calling all individualistic types: These nail designs feel like miniature works of art, and a style like this is guaranteed to stand out. Because of its intricacy, this type of design does require an experienced nail artist, so do your research beforehand to find a salon capable of making your mani dreams come true. Check out Betina Goldstein’s page for even more inspo.

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Negative Space Curves

Negative space manicure with textured curving pastel designs


From droplets to curves, many textured designs defy gravity. For a more subtle take on the trend, leave half your nail empty and paint the other a standout shade: The slight ridge in between the color and negative space creates a soft texture. If you like the Easter egg tones on our inspiration picture, check out the Essie Expressie Collection in Express to Impress and In the Time Zone ($10 each).

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Maximalist Moment

Whoever said less is more has never seen these nails. Use the surface of your nail bed as a canvas for inspired abstract designs, then paint on varying layers of clear polish overtop for a 3D bubble effect.

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Half of My Heart

Close-up of two thumbnails with textured red half-heart designs that fit together


Want your nails to stand out without looking busy or overwrought? We have a style for you. Not only will this design hold up well while your nails grow, it will also be the most coveted mani amongst your friends. For a vibrant, poppy red like the one picture, try the Les Mains Hermès Nail Enamel Rouge Casaque ($50). 

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Droplets, teardrops, raindrops, whatever you want to call them—this effect might be the most popular 3D design out there, and we understand why. You can customize this design with size, shape, and placement. Clear polish creates the most realistic raindrop impression, but you can also recreate it with various shades of pink, blue, or green.

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Elevated Accent

Take your accent nail to new heights… literally. For some, 3D textured nail art on every single finger may be a little much. Instead, target just your pointer or ring finger for a chic accent—just make sure your nail artist has the skills to recreate this look.

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Jewelry Nails

Pink ombre manicure with gold heart, pierced hoop, and bedazzled cuticle details


Have a favorite fashion piece you want to highlight? Try getting a textured mani that matches the statement—this one is inspired by the pictured pair of pink Converse with gold accents. From the tiny hoops to the bedazzled accent curve, everything about this nail art feels luxe.

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Gold Drip

Think of this style as a funky, reverse French tip. A dripping effect was already cool in 2D, but adding texture makes it feel even more realistic. If you don’t love the design along your cuticle, this look is just as cool on your tips.

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Grounded in Gold

Another easy-to-replicate design, this mani feels put-together thanks to the gold textured decals. Wear the look with a solid color underneath, or go for an ultra-minimalist take on the trend with a clear coat on the nail bed. The Londontown Starbright Nail Decals ($9) are super simple to use—try them at home or bring them to your next appointment.

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Skittle Skies

Pink gradient French manicure with textured chrome star designs


If fun French manicures are still your favorite, take them into textured nail art territory by pairing a gradient palette with a chrome star design complete with gems. The complete look feels simple and elegant while also making a major statement.

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