5 Tennis-Inspired Looks for Off (Or On) the Court

Meet "tenniscore."

tennis outfit


Athleisure is not just a trend—it's a lifestyle. Dressing for a workout class with brunch in mind is commonplace. Within athleisure, there are subdivisions including matching sweatsuits (they felt like a mandated dress code during the pandemic) and the exercise dress (think: breezy when temperatures soar). Most recently, athleisure has given us the brilliance of "tenniscore." It’s all the prep of the iconic sport without any of the hand-eye coordination.

Wimbledon’s return is just the start of it. Brands like Rowing Blazers and Tory Burch are embracing the uniform with their own collections just for tennis. The sport’s MVPs have long been heralded as a well-dressed bunch. Think about it: Sprinting from either side of the court mandates comfort, the crisp lines of short skirts and high necks are universally flattering, and the all-white uniform feels very of the moment. This summer, draw sartorial inspiration from greats like Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams and embrace the timeless intersection of sports and style. And don’t worry if you forget to accessorize with a racquet. Read on for five of our favorite tennis-inspired looks.

Game, Set, Match

Matching sets owe at least part of their star power this season to the sport of tennis. Scoring system aside, players are frequently coordinating tops and bottoms for a streamlined look and stylish look. This matching set is in green, not white, but boasts side pockets readymade for holding tennis balls, or, more realistically, your phone and keys. The tennis necklace steps up the look while the Wilson sweatshirt tied diagonally across the chest signals it’s not your first time on the court. 

Dressed Up

Consider the silhouette of the iconic tennis dress when you want to look polished without seeming stuffy. A subtle tennis bracelet (the official jewelry of the sport) plus a deep green bag feels like an homage instead of a costume. The dress’s chic cut and dark piping feel intentional enough to take on a night out. Keep the hair easy, and don’t forget to slip out of your sweatband before sitting down to dinner. 

The New Classic

There are plenty of longstanding brands expanding into the tennis category, but it’s also nice to pay homage to the sport’s legacy brands. A classic doesn’t have to feel borrowed from your grandparent’s closet, however. Lacoste is a textbook example of a brand riffing on its timeless appeal by infusing of-the-moment colors and avant-garde sizing. Try sizing up on top and keep things form-fitting on the bottom for a Bjorn Borg-inspired look. Pair with white sneakers if you’re feeling athletic or a chunky loafer for more of a vintage feel. 

Wimbledon Whites

When tennis’s all-white dress code was established at Wimbledon in the 1880s, it was because sweat stains were considered unsightly and less visible on white clothing. Hence, “tennis whites” were born. Nod to the tournament’s antiquated, albeit iconic, ruling with this sporty ensemble. Try swapping a tennis skirt for any outfit you’d naturally wear bike shorts with. Similarly, try swapping a crisp, white polo for any outfit you’d normally wear with a white T-shirt. Paired with light baby blue sneakers, this outfit is whatever a slam dunk equivalent is in tennis. 

Vested Interest

Another beloved trend, the sweater vest, owes much to the sport of tennis. Some credit the look to skiing, but in the 1930s, playing tennis in a knitted vest was all the rage. Take the look off the clay and keep it cheeky in standby Stan Smiths. The sage green of the skort feels fresh paired with slouched varsity-striped socks for the ultimate post-game celebration. Wear the knitted vest with your favorite oversized tee or on its own. If you’re intimidated by the piece, imagine wearing it with anything you’d layer under a regular sweater. 

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