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This Brand New Airbrush Makeup Device Is GLORIOUS

These days, it seems like every product under the sun promises an “airbrushed” finish; just pick up any foundation, primer, or blush you’ll see what we mean. There’s just one small thing, though: Very few of them actually use airbrush technology. Though they might mimic the effect of airbrushed makeup with blurring and smoothing ingredients, they’re still not the real thing—just like that off-brand bag that almost looks like Chloé if you squint hard enough will never replace the genuine, buttery soft original. Up until now, actual airbrush makeup has mainly been reserved for editorial shoots and backstage runway—mostly due to the requisite hose and compressor, which aren’t exactly travel-friendly. That’s why a brand-new launch has us majorly freaking out. Enter: Temptu’s Air ($195), the first-ever handheld, cordless airbrush makeup device. This little gadget makes airbrush makeup easy for everyone (read: non-makeup artists) and gives you a smooth, Photoshopped, truly airbrushed finish without the giant machine. Curious? Keep scrolling to find out how it works!

Shanelle Thoreson

Temptu’s Air fits nicely in the palm of your hand and features three speed settings—light, medium, and full—which you can choose depending on your desired final effect. (Full would be a good setting for bronzer or body makeup, while light and medium would be good options for foundation, highlighter and blush.) We got to try this gadget out in person, and were impressed with 1.) how small and portable it is and 2.) how easy it was to use. To use it, grab an airpod (Temptu offers varying shades for foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and blush), take out the stopper, and snap it in place. Then, turn on the Air—you’ll start hearing a whirring noise, but no product is being dispersed yet. To make the magic happen, gently pull back on the top lever of the Air with your index finger. Holding the product 2 inches away from your skin, start airbrushing in a circular motion.

Shanelle Thoreson

One of the standout things about this product is how much control it gives you. Want just the slightest hint of blush and coverage on your T-zone? Just do one quick sweep. For a more full-coverage effect, feel free to airbrush with abandon—the final effect is never cake-y. “Temptu Air is the culmination of 30 years of Temptu’s leadership in airbrush technology and innovation,” Temptu Chief Creative Officer and co-owner Samantha Mandor tell us. “This product is truly a beauty game changer.” After trying it out ourselves, we can’t help but agree—our skin looked luminous and poreless afterwards, with a smooth, soft-focus finish. Plus, we should also mention the device is fun to use—it’s enjoyable (albeit not exactly time saving) to airbrush, sculpt, and shade like a true artiste. If you’re worried about plugs and portability, no need—the Air charges via a micro-USB port and has a battery that lasts three weeks per charge. So, yes, you can throw it in your carry-on for your upcoming vacay.

Shanelle Thoreson

After using the Air, you’re left with a glowing, radiant, super-smooth complexion—in other words, exactly the kind of effect other products over-promise. The final look is definitely on the dewy end of the spectrum—if you're firmly #teammatte, this is not the product for you. We found that using a Beauty Blender ($20) in some spots that were particularly shiny helped tone down the glowiness. As we mentioned before, it’s not exactly the most time-sensitive device (or maybe our skills just aren’t up to par yet), but the flawless, silky, truly airbrushed finish has us on Team Air. At $195, it’s definitely an investment, but we think it’s a worthy one.

What do you think—will you be giving this airbrush device a try? Sound off below!

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