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When it comes to fashion, beauty, and health, we’re obsessed with trends. But more than that, we care about where they originated, who made them popular, and the science behind our affection for each one. That’s why we created Byrdie Presents: Tell Me More. This podcast dissects today's biggest trends from the inside out, giving you the you the context and history behind why we (and likely you) care about them at all. Upcoming topics include unpacking ever-changing brow trends, a deep dive into nostalgia, and everything you need to know about new and niche cosmetic surgeries.

On each episode, hosts Hallie Gould, Senior Editorial Director of Byrdie (hi, it's me!), and Jessica Shepherd, OBGYN and Chief Medical Officer at Verywell Health, dive into an emerging trend, treatment, or product with a critical lens to examine its origins (and any health benefits or implications). Dr. Shepherd and Hallie talk to experts—including trend analysts, medical professionals, and leaders in the world of fashion and beauty—to share their firsthand experience with each trend in their daily lives. We'll be updating this page every Thursday with a new episode, but until then, find our trailer for a peek into what we'll be covering. Stay tuned!

Byrdie Presents: Tell Me More Trailer

All About Body Hair: No Your OB/GYN Is Not Judging You

Body hair is a natural part of who we are as humans. Then why is it that after we come of age, society expects us to have smooth, hairless skin? Co-hosts Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd talk about rewriting the rules of body hair with Georgina Gooley, the co-founder of shave company Billie. There’s a new rite of passage moment that encourages young people to ask questions and normalize hair that’s naturally there.

Fashion Time Travel: Why We Can't Resist the Pull of Nostalgic Styles

From Y2K’s low-rise jeans, to Victorian corsets, to ‘70s curtain bangs—we are constantly time traveling via our clothes. Why can’t we seem to resist the pull of nostalgia? This week on the podcast, hosts Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd talk to fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell. She is the author of Big Dress Energy and hosts the Big Dress Energy Podcast.

Eyebrow Trends: Zamboni Brows, Eyebrow Purists, and Regrets from the '90s

Celebrity brow stylist Joey Healy talks with co-hosts Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd about all things eyebrows: The trend Cardi B and Lizzo are inspiring us to try, how to find your natural shape, and how to approach brows when you’re losing hair.

Demystifying Vaginal Wellness: What OBGYNs Want You To Know

That’s right, we’re talking all about vaginal health this week on the podcast. This can feel like a taboo topic to many people. Before our modern period products like menstrual cups, period underwear, and the classic pad, people with periods were just expected to sit out of the public eye for a while. But ignoring or stigmatizing vaginal wellness doesn’t help anybody. This week’s guests are Dr. Barbara McLaren and Kimba Williams, the co-founders of Kushae. The first and only physician-founded suite of all natural feminine care products.

A New Classic: How to Interact with Trends Without Getting Lost in Them

How can our approach to makeup help us feel comfortable in our own skin? Olivia Chantecaille, co-founder and Creative Director of luxury botanical beauty brand Chantecaille, shares her secrets (one of them is the brand's Future Skin Foundation—it looks and feels just like skin and has a cult following). Olivia and hosts Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd talk ingredients, the science of skincare, and what “classic” means in 2022.

Niche Plastic Surgery Trends: What's Behind the Boom?

Cosmetic surgery has been on the rise since 2020, influenced by the freedom or pressures of remote work, and staring at yourself on Zoom calls. Surgical procedures increased by 54% in 2021 alone. Non-surgical procedures, like injections jumped 44%. This week on the podcast, Dr. Dara Liotta joins Byrdie Senior Editorial Director Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd to discuss the modern trends. Dr. Liotta is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in New York City. Her work is known for natural results that combine surgical precision and artistry.

Hosts: Hallie Gould and Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Production: Byrdie and Verywell Health in partnership with Pod People

Research: Emily Gregor

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