7 Fascinating Secrets We Learned From a Television Makeup Artist

Do you ever look at Daenerys Targaryen, dirt smeared across her cheeks in the midst of turmoil, and wonder how she still looks like an ethereal goddess? Surely if we were also prisoners of the Khalasar (a predicament we often find ourselves in), our brows wouldn't be nearly as impressive as hers. But the same holds true for most television shows—despite hours on set, various plot twists and turns, as well as an HD viewing lens, actors and actresses still come out with their makeup completely unscathed and without so much as a pore showing. That, my friends, is thanks to the magic of television makeup and the artists behind it.

Rebecca Perkins, former television show makeup artist for hit shows like Law & Order SVU and 30 Rock and founder of Rouge NY, says that the world of television show makeup is one that requires a hefty supply of elbow grease: "You know how stars always look perfect even when they're standing in the rain or how there is never a drop of sweat even if they're a cop busting perps in the heat of the summer? Well, that’s because every time the director yells ‘CUT!’ someone like me runs in with blotting papers, sponges, brushes, and various tools to move that hair and makeup back into perfect place. TV shows aren’t usually meant to mimic cinéma vérité, lest audiences get distracted by realistic sweat and runny mascara." That being said, Perkins has shared some of her top behind-the-scenes tips with us so you can become your own makeup artist and look amazing, no matter the conditions. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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