Taylor Swift's Colorful "Eras" Manicure Has a Hidden Meaning

Because of course it does.

Taylor Swift on the red carpet

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While today may just be another day to most of us, for Swifties, March 17 is a momentous occasion, as it's the start of Taylor Swift's Eras tour. The highly-anticipated tour is a celebration of all of Swift's albums, from her debut self-titled album, to her most recent project, "Midnights." She celebrated the tour through her beauty look, and wore a multi-colored manicure with a hidden meaning (of course).

On March 16, Swift shared a carousel of images to Instagram with the caption, “In my Eras era. 💅” She wore a few outfits that all have the same relaxed rehersal vibe to them, like an olive corduroy pant and navy crop top combo, a brown tank top with black biker shorts, and a pair of denim overalls with floral stitching layered over a tie-dye T-shirt. The last outfit is where comfort and color come together, and she wore an “Eras” manicure to match, with each nail painted a different hue.

Taylor Swift's "eras" manicure


The Eras Tour sold out in literal seconds, and it’s likely because this one follows Swift on her journey throughout all of her beloved albums. Her manicure looks like just a cute "Skittles" manicure at first, but Swift is always one to send secret messages to her fans (like when she heads to floor 13 in her Bejeweled music video to claim her victory in a talent show). Starting from her left pinky finger, each nail represents her albums in succession: mint green for “Taylor Swift," sparkling gold for “Fearless," plum for “Speak Now," red for “Red” (duh), turquoise for “1989," black for “Reputation," a glitzy pink for “Lover," grey for “Folklore,” cream for “Evermore," and, finally, navy with iridescent turquoise sparkles for her “Midnights” album.

Although delicate manicures—like the vanilla French and lip gloss manis—are trending hard these days, it’s refreshing to see a nail look that plays with bright, fun colors. Plus, it’s the perfect manicure for anyone who wants to step up their typically muted palette for spring—especially if you'll be heading to the tour.

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