Taylor Swift Traded Her Signature Waves for a Cool Bubble Pony

Here's why it suited her so well.

Taylor Swift in red lipstick


Taylor Swift has always dipped a toe into the latest beauty trends while adhering to her personal style—like at the 2022 VMAs, where she wore a sparkly upgrade to her classic wing-and-red-lip combo, and her ‘70s-inspired blue eyeshadow look on the cover of her upcoming album Midnights that pairs perfectly with her signature retro bangs.

Swift knows how to offer a familiar look while playing with funky styles, and her look at NSAI's 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards on September 20 proves it, as the singer wore dark red lipstick, perfectly manicured bangs, and—here’s the twist—a bubble ponytail.  

Taylor Swift in a black gown


The look was a bit of a departure for Swift, who usually sticks to a sort of undone-glamour. Her black sequined Michael Kors dress was typical of the shimmer-friendly popstar, but there was an added edge thanks to an asymmetrical waist cutout, high slit, and a singular sleeve.

With bold red lipstick, dewy skin, and full bangs, Taylor’s beauty look was a familiar choice. But with a quick look at the back of her hairdo, you can see that the 11-time Grammy-winning star sported a minimalistic high bubble ponytail, which included two large bubbles that adhered to the back of her head, trailed by a long, straight ponytail that reached down to her waist.

Taylor Swift in a black dress and bubble ponytail


The style was perfect for Swift as she accepted the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade Award—it had an eccentric yet classic feel that rhymed well with her quirky yet still formal dress. It created a look that showed Swift’s fun side without taking away from the star of the (award) show, which, in this case, was her.

Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, it’s a good idea to take a note from Taylor’s book and try this sleek yet playful hairstyle that adds whimsy to any Fall look.

To achieve a bubble pony, first secure your hair in an initial ponytail, whether it’s high like Taylor’s or low for an editorial look. Celebrity hairstylist, celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho previously told Byrdie, “Each bubble should be teased with a tail comb,” after which you can gently brush the outside of your bubble before securing it in place. Cho adds, “Once the pony is in, pull it out with your fingers to create the bubble, and make another pony below the bubble, and repeat above.” Continue making bubbles in this way until you’ve created your own rendition of the perfect bubble pony.

From albums that helped us through painful times to beauty looks as glamorous yet carefree as this one, Swift really has given us so much, and she deserves all the recognition and praise she can get.

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