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Tattoos & Body Piercings

We know skincare isn't one-size-fits-all. That's why we've tapped the top dermatologists, estheticians and skincare experts to share right products you should be using for your skin type. From reviews to treatments, consider this section to help you achieve your glowy-skin goals.
Woman with blue tongue and tongue piercing
The Ultimate Guide to Tongue Piercings

Small square tattoo on arm of girl laying down in pink shirt
30 Simple Tattoos for the Low-Key Ink Lover

So Your Piercing Hole Closed—What Now?

A person with two small tattoos on their wrists
30 Small Wrist Tattoos Perfect for the Ink Minimalist

Kendall Jenner showcases her lip tattoo
Lip Tattoos: Everything to Know About This Popular (and Painful) Ink

Heal Facial Piercing Scars
How to Heal Facial Piercing Scars—and Be Realistic About What to Expect

Couple smiling
Ephemeral Tattoo Is the First Made-to-Fade Tattoo Studio

Young woman with upper lip piercing
Angel Bite Piercings: Everything You Need to Know

Back Tattoos Are a Big Commitment—Here's What to Know Before Getting One

Tree tattoo on a calf
Tree Tattoos: What They Mean and 16 of Our Faves

Ourfa Zinali
What Is an Ashley Piercing? Everything You Need to Know About This Unusual Stud

A forearm with a minimalistic butterfly tattoo
35 Butterfly Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

Woman shows off side tattoo of eyes
28 Side Tattoos Totally Worth the Pain

Mother-Daughter Tattoos
19 Meaningful Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Feminine Tattoos
17 "Feminine" Tattoo Ideas That Transcend Gender

A Complete Guide to Cartilage Piercings
A Complete Guide to Cartilage Piercings

Mountain Tattoos
33 Mountain Tattoo Ideas for Every Style

Piercings for Men
The Ultimate Byrdie Boy Guide To Piercings for Men

Music Tattoos
30 Music Tattoos That Really Sing

Anchor Tattoos for Every Aesthetic
30 Anchor Tattoos For Every Preference

Celebrity Septum Piercings
A Guide to Facial Piercings, as Seen on Your Favorite Celebs

Piercing Earrings
How to (Safely) Remove Piercing Earrings

Shark Bite Piercing
Shark Bites: Everything to Know About This Unique Piercing

Helix Piercing
All Your Helix Piercing Questions, Answered

Septum Piercings
The Complete Guide to Getting a Septum Piercing

Mandala Tat Inspo
23 Mandala Tattoos That Are Beautiful and Balanced

@piercerclau/Design by Cristina Cianci
The Complete Guide to Getting a Monroe Piercing

Nape piercing
What to Know Before Getting a Nape Piercing

woman with lightning bolt temporary tattoo
How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo Without Damaging Your Skin

nose piercing
The Complete Guide to Getting A Nose Piercing, From Nostril to Nasallang

Coconut Oil for Tattoo
Is It Safe to Put Coconut Oil on a Tattoo? We Asked the Experts

Hip Piercings
Hip Piercings: Everything You Need to Know

eyebrow tattoo
"Eyebrow Tattoos" Come in Different Forms—Here's What You Need to Know

Miley Cyrus Tats
How to Properly Care for a Peeling Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo on Maisie Williams
28 Sunflower Tattoos That'll Brighten Your Day

Small "masculine" tattoos
30 Small "Masculine" Tattoo Ideas

woman with tattoo
Are There Mental Health Benefits to Memorial Tattoos? Experts Say Yes

Areola Tattoos
The Powerful Reason Behind Getting an Areola Tattoo

red tattoo
Here's Why the Red Ink in Your Tattoo Is So Prone to Itchiness

Double Ear Piercing
What to Know Before Getting a Double Ear Piercing

henna removal
Dealing With Henna-Stained Skin? Here's What to Do

Forward Helix
What to Know Before Getting a Forward Helix Piercing

blackout tattoo
"Blackout Tattoos" Are a Bad Idea—Here's Why

Hailey Bieber belly button ring
What to Know Before Getting Your Belly Button Pierced

39 Hand Tattoo Ideas for Every Personality Type

Selena Gomez semi-colon tattoo
This Is What Selena Gomez's Semicolon Tattoo Signifies

ankle tattoo
44 Delicate, Fun, and Bold Leg Tattoo Ideas

Blac Chyna
Dimple Piercings Are Exactly What They Sound Like—Here's What to Expect

Getting Your First Tattoo? Here's What to Expect From the Healing Process

vertical labret
The Complete Guide to Getting a Vertical Labret Piercing

Drew Barrymmore tongue piercing
The Complete Guide to Getting a Tongue Piercing

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Do Tattoo Removal Creams Actually Work? We Asked Dermatologists

ying yang tattoo
Yin Yang Tattoos Represent Balance—Here Are 25 Looks to Consider Getting

daith piercing
There Are Claims That Daith Piercings Could Help With Migraines—Here's What Experts Think

Lisa Bonet
The Complete Guide to Getting a Nose Piercing

snug piercing
The Complete Guide to Getting a Snug Piercing

ear piercing
The Complete Guide to Getting an Industrial Bar Piercing

dermal piercing
Thinking About Getting A Dermal Piercing? Here's What To Know

symmetrical sun and moon leg tattoos
Get Major Leg Tattoo Inspiration From These 30 Designs

finger tattoo
The Possibilities are Endless With Finger Tattoos—Try One of These 24 Pretty Designs