Um, a Lot of People Are Tattooing Their Eyebrows

So, permanent makeup has been around for awhile—much to our dismay. But, when The Coveteur reported that tattooing the brows is trending in Korea, we had to give the whole thing another glance. Turns out, brow tattoos are now available as a semi-permanent treatment, making it far less scary than, say, committing to makeup on your face for life! 

Korea has been at the forefront in many "we can't live without" beauty trends—hello, cushioning! So this very well may be the next big trend in America. I mean, is it that much crazier than all the staining, tinting, and penciling in we already do? But, since it's still a tattoo (read: using a needle to apply color pigments onto the skin) we can't imagine the process is pain-free. Ouch! Head on over to Coveteur to learn more about eyebrow tattoos. 

While we love a new trend, we might stick to our trusty Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil ($22) until we hear more about the pain factor. What do you think of tattooing eyebrows? The solution to all our eyebrow envy, or completely crazy? Let us know your thoughts below!