A Celebrity Tattoo Artist Predicts the Biggest Tattoo Trends of 2019

Unlike a glossy lid or a rose-gold hair color, a tattoo is an aesthetic choice you'll have forever (not counting cover-ups and removal, that is). But very much like any other beauty statement, tattoo trends fluctuate over time, and what was en vogue 20 years ago, no matter how timeless it seemed, may not be quite as hip now (ahem, Chinese characters on white people, ahem, ahem). This isn't to say that all "trendy" tattoos are bad. After all, a tattoo represents a moment in time, a memory, and just like feathered hair or a pair of bell-bottom jeans, it doesn't have to stay totally in style through every decade to seem nostalgic and cool in its own right.

I recently scored a tattoo appointment with my absolute favorite tattooer right now, Laura Martinez, the Paris-born, NYC-based artist and founder of buzzy Brooklyn tattoo parlor Fleur Noire (Ariana Grande's personal tattoo shop of choice). Martinez specializes in fine-lined designs, which just so happen to be very of the moment, so she sees a lot of especially au courant trends move through her shop doors. Curious to get Martinez's hot take on impending tattoo trends, I asked her to predict what types of designs she foresees becoming popular in 2019. As she embedded an abstract flower in the dermis of my forearm, she told me that the following five tattoo trends are sure to blow up next year. Keep scrolling to see what she had to say.

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